Kopitar and Williams. Excuse number 1. Excuse number 2.

That is exactly what those injuries have provided. The LA Kings, from top to bottom including the coaching staff, have this pretext at their disposal. Use it and Terry Murray’s job is probably safe for another year. Rise above it and you send a message to the entire league that to underestimate us shall be your demise.

I saw a team last night that did work hard. They effectively shut down one of the best lines in the league, in Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan. What I also saw was a Kings’ killer in Teemu Selanne who has made a career out of scoring goals against our team. Jonathan Quick played well. The defense was good. The forwards simply could not finish. Wayne Simmonds and Trevor Lewis should receive a flogging for that disgraceful performance. When the puck is on your stick and you have a net staring at you, then you put the fucking puck in the net or you get the hell off the ice and hang your head in shame. At this time of the season and going into the playoffs, missed opportunities on an already depleted team is inexcusable. Terry Murray should have 100 pucks lined up for them to shoot into the net and if they miss one, they start over.

But I digress…

Tonight is a statement game. Anything less than a victory likely lands us in 8th place and playing the Canucks in the first round.

Give me victory or give me death is our battle cry and we are too young to die.