Before Justin Williams and Anze Kopitar were injured, the LA Kings’ had a consistently productive offense, right?


Since Justin Williams and Anze Kopitar have gone down, the LA Kings have made the necessary adjustments to the offense, right?


Certainly, they have stopped going to the same system of getting the puck along the boards and to the point for a shot each and every time, right?


They have carried the puck away from the perimeter and began to take the puck lateral and through the inside circles and hashmarks for their offensive chances, right?


They have started getting the puck to the point to reset the offense, not to constantly fire shots from the point through a sea of legs and sticks that, at best, creates blocked shots, deflections or shots that go wide, right?


Tell me that they are not still relying on that inept shot mentality that is based on the absurd premise that simply firing shots on net from all angles will somehow create more goals…for the love of God, tell me that has stopped, right?


Are the players still looking away from passing and shooting lanes and mechanically getting the puck to the point?


That is terrible..well, I’ve seen the Clifford, Simmonds and Richardson line clicking well and creating chances, mostly by keeping it simple and using their speed to get the puck to the net…that’s good, right?


So, Murray has been putting Clifford, Simmonds and Richardson on the powerplay and not just repeating the same lines that have failed time and time again, right?


I can’t believe it. You’re telling me Terry Murray hasn’t made a single adjustment to the offense and is still preaching for more of the same when the same has not generated much of anything over 2 goals per game on any consistent basis?


Is he stubborn or incompetent?

Right again.

Sigh…Go Kings?

Always. GO KINGS!

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  1. TM response to the power play woes tonight was that they have to keep at it. Are you for real TM? If our power play were to come around just in the time for the playoffs we might have an underdog chance in hell, but that is certainly not gonna happen with the last few games evidence of that.

    • More than the last few games. More like the entire season. I wanted to give it till the rest of the season before passing judgement, because they had made some changes, and Kopi and Willy got hurt before those changes could take hold. Now that the seasons over…………We look like a monkey fucking a football.

      Same old girlfriend with a different name. Boring.

  2. So Sad!.. all you said rings true.
    I can only imagine the frustration and pain the guys feel as I echo in myself.
    I also see the guys losing their confidence as the game progresses and we are being outplayed
    offensively. JJ .. where has his quick release shot gone? Yes I saw it ONCE last night.. but
    he seems to be afriad to use that skill.
    The worst offence I notice is the blaring lack of being able to pass stick to stick. You know these
    guys have skills.. so what is going on? And to go with that so much fanning on getting the pass
    or shots.. I do have to think this system is not the system for our Boys, as we have debated
    all year long. .. still eternaly and forever loyal.
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  3. Amen…brother. TM has to go next year. Is there any way we can pry Tippet from Phoenix (or Winnipeg) next year and bring him home to LA?


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