Out with the old. In with the new. The season schedule is history. We have updated that page (above) with the playoff schedule. Click on the link if you have not already committed it to memory.

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  1. Saskatoon Blades are down 2-0 in the series against the ICE. If the blades get swept, we might be able to get Schenn before Thursday’s game, what do you think? Be nice to get your thoughts in the blog post.

    BTW, I agree with every word you say about Murray’s primitive offensive strategies. I wish we could somehow get the message to his head… Even his neutral trap game is boring to watch at times.

    Anyway, go KINGS!!

    • He would have a positive impact but likely not enough to be a game changer. Since it’s broken though, we do need to fix it and Schenn would be an easy and quick fix to some of what ails us.

  2. And on another note of concern, Oscar Moller. He has been a “dead weight” on the ice. Every time I see him out there, he’s getting nailed or creating a turnover on his own end. There’s gotta be a better option than the 5’9″ peep squeak!

    • I worry about Moller’s hockey sense. He is one hard working forward and has a great shot but I don’t see him getting open. It’s difficult to gauge him yet, only because of our offensive system. He doesn’t fit into what Murray preaches, at least not yet.


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