No, not that Quagmire.

The one to which I refer is this: Brayden Schenn’s WHL team (Saskatoon, which is actually a fun word to say) is down 3-0 to Kootenay (another fun word to say though it sounds a bit like a part of the female anatomy…in Canada…) In any event, if Schenn’s team loses tomorrow, bye bye Western Hockey League playoffs, hello quagmire?

Still, no, not that one.

I have read, listened to, read some more, endured never-ending whining about and quietly stepped aside to observe fans, pundits and others talk about why it is or is not a good idea to bring Brayden Schenn up to join the LA Kings in the playoffs. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this is a quagmire at all…

…thought you were going to get another picture, didn’t you?

The decision appears an easy one.

Does Dean Lombardi believe Brayden Schenn will improve the LA Kings‘ chances of winning? Yes (giggity) and he comes up regardless of burning a year of his contract. No and he doesn’t. The rest is irrelevant.

What say you?