I don’t like Terry Murray’s coaching and I do believe his “prevent offense” does nothing to bring out the best of the talent we have. However, Dustin Penner does not get that as an excuse when all he has shown us in the past couple of months is a player without heart and the will to play like he gives a damn about winning. It is embarrassing. I am embarrassed for him. A player who has a history of great play followed by long acts of disappearance has to at some point grow up. If he thought half effort was going to cut it on a team that emphasizes a gritty, hard-nosed and physical game, then Terry Murray correctly gave him a rude awakening tonight when he placed Penner on the fourth line with Kevin Westgarth. Tonight, Westgarth was the better player.

The Kings need him right now to step up. Meanwhile, he’s playing like a worn out 42 year old forward with baggage, mileage and on his last leg. No offense. No defense. No effort. No love from us. Grow the hell up or put your dick between your legs and stop pretending to be a man.