I don’t like Terry Murray’s coaching and I do believe his “prevent offense” does nothing to bring out the best of the talent we have. However, Dustin Penner does not get that as an excuse when all he has shown us in the past couple of months is a player without heart and the will to play like he gives a damn about winning. It is embarrassing. I am embarrassed for him. A player who has a history of great play followed by long acts of disappearance has to at some point grow up. If he thought half effort was going to cut it on a team that emphasizes a gritty, hard-nosed and physical game, then Terry Murray correctly gave him a rude awakening tonight when he placed Penner on the fourth line with Kevin Westgarth. Tonight, Westgarth was the better player.

The Kings need him right now to step up. Meanwhile, he’s playing like a worn out 42 year old forward with baggage, mileage and on his last leg. No offense. No defense. No effort. No love from us. Grow the hell up or put your dick between your legs and stop pretending to be a man.

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  1. Seconded.

    There was a shift in the third when the Sharks had the fourth line pinned in the zone. Everyone else on the ice is leaving it all out there, hustling when you know they’ve got legs full of lactic acid. Meanwhile Penner’s “covering” the right point, just generally lollygagging, and pretending to try to block a shot by coasting in the general direction of the point with his skates on railroad tracks (which is to say, one minute step up from full-fledged flamingo). E for embarrassing is absolutely damn right.

    • Yup. Good eyes. Murray picked up on it in the second period. Sat his ass down for nearly the entire 2nd half of the second period and he played on the fourth line I believe for the rest of the game. He is going through the motions out there. I am most upset with him. He came to play and we could have taken this game.

      • It honestly reminds me of a kid I played with in youth hockey… except in that he grew out of it during puberty. Penner = really late bloomer? (…said every LA Kings fan, doubtfully)

  2. Hey, I’m a chick and I’m not even that pathetic! Don’t say Penner’s slacker-ish-ness (new word) is like a woman. He WISHES! Please compare him more to an animal species…i.e. 3-toed Sloth!

    Thank you!

  3. You are correct.

    I must give TM a little credit, he ended the game with the same exact lines I suggested before the playoffs started, and I’m an X’s and O’s genius.. :)

    Penner is a finesse player who fits perfectly with Kopitar, unfortunately we are depending on grit and toughness now that he’s out of the line-up and Penner does not fit that bill. He may make a difference next year, however, this year he as good as the 4tgh line and as you mentioned, Westgarth was better. What does that say?

    As I stated earlier, Penner, you suck!! You know what’s embarrassing about that?……I didn’t even say that about Randy Jones and I didn’t care for him.

  4. Is Scott Parse ready to go?
    Is Oscar Moller playoff ready?
    Could a young player in Manchester give us a boost?

    We thought the Kovalchuk deal was painful

    How does this Penner Deal feel?????

    History has shown us that our trade deadline deals have SUCKED, but this one might just be the largest slice of SHIT Pie we’ve ever eaten………….

    Watching the first round has become an early Kings Hope-e-thon, not this year thanks to Penner. I don’t blame Deano at all, we can’t blame him. We begged him all year for help, and he answered and rewarded both our team and us. Outbid and overpaid even if Penner was the Shit.

    Even Teubert, could play right now on the 4th line and give us what we need, heart!!!!!!!

    I’ll save how I really feel about this, after we beat San Jose in this series!!!!!

  5. Yeah Penner has been awful for sure. Not sure if Poni deserved that promotion last night but anybody was better than Penner.

    I would like to see the lines like this tomorrow, our best scorers on the top line period.


    • I like the general idea. I’d drop Penner to the 4th line and let Poni roll on the 3rd. Boy did Poni step it up last night! Imagine 82 games of that…

      And Westgarth…wow! His early shifts were as awkward as usual, but then he got over the fear, took the plunge and became a hockey player. Big step. Plus, at the end of P1, he was really standing up for the team. I’d throw him a token shift on line 3 when things are shaking out after a special teams play.

      And Penner, well…the wonderful Jason Bourne captures it all pretty well. “Then Kopitar gets hurt, and they’re left with…. Dustin Penner.” http://www.jtbourne.com/interesting-stories-playoff-series-pt-2/

      I really wanted to give him (Penner) the benefit of the doubt, but he’s not using it well. Let’s see how he handles his exit interview and gets his head together over the summer. If he doesn’t get things turned around, he’ll be enjoying the panoramic views from the press box next year. But, dammit, we need him to shape up NOW.


  6. Pride=Passion=Power DOES NOT=Penner! He is a big fish that prefers a small pond. Can we return him?

  7. Yeah, put him on the Free Agency Boat with Poni Next year. Dean should be looking into more centers.

  8. Exactly on point! I was so excited when we obtained Penner.. of all the senario players who
    had been talked about.. he was the one I quietly hoped for.. so WTF.. we know he is a better
    player then what he is showing! Is is a maturity thing? He did get himself in a quagmire with the
    wife and the mistress on the side. is he too distracted? These are the plyoffs for God sake.. mind on task!
    As for Westgarth.. although I think he loves the game.. loves the Kings .. as I have said all year .. he is just not an NHL player.. that being said.. OMG.. what happened.. was that a Westgarth clone? His Best game of the year ..IMO.. there he was involved ..keeping up with the play.. shooting.. forchecking with out having to get into a pointless fight.! great effort/ job from him last night.. he should be proud as should the whole team.. seriouly Great Hockey..
    game could have easily been our.. and playing in enemy territory.. I am very PROUD of our
    GO KINGS GO !!!

    • This Penner mistress thing seems too much like a well-timed prank by some dumb fan, probably from Anaheim.

      • I don’t put much stock in this crap but if it is nonsense like this that has him distracted, then he is a child and Dean better take him aside and tell him about the story of one Patrick O’Sullivan and how baggage and distractions, in one form or another, can ruin a career.

  9. Now after reading other responses.. I have to say.. ok for Brownie to go to Stoll/Williams line and put Smyth with Zues and Sims.. but no way for Penner to go with Cliffy and Richie.. he is too slow and wiht crap out the chemistry of that line.. Poni.. whom I have wanted to hate all year has really stepped up. forgot to give credit in othe comment. and I would have him on the Third line. Put Penner on the forth .
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  10. i keep wishing that he wasn’t. i was also one of the excited fans when we got him. heck, even the first couple games he came in and provided some offense.

    but here we are….and every game i find myself thinking “where’s penner?” i have to actively SEARCH for him on the ice. ugh.

    maybe he should shave the beard instead of growing it out. anything to get him moving faster.

  11. Stoll suspended for Game 2. That means Penner will get a chance to play a line above what’s merited. Perhaps he’ll capitalize on the opportunity. Perhaps.

    Put Richy or Zeus in the center of L1? I’m actually inclined to say Richardson… Then again, L1 needs to win some face offs, maybe I’d go with Zeus.

  12. It’s about match-up folks. You keep Poni with Handzus and Brown because they match up perfectly with Thornton’s line. Poni matches size and speed with Patrick and did you see the monster hit Poni laid on him? That’s preciously what we need. Do not change it.

    For goodness sake do not break up Richardson’s line with Clifford and Simmonds, they are by far our most active line who create havoc and scoring chances.

    Move Lewis between Smyth and Williams and have Moller center the forth line.

    By the way, I was also very excited to get Penner and he played well along side Kopitar but you saw pretty quickly he’s a role player and not a leader.

    I wasn’t going to say anything negative about yesterday’s game because I thought our boys played their asses off, and though disappointed about the loss, I was very pleased in the way they competed and played, then Scribe open the door……..and I couldn’t hold back my frustration……

    I must apologize to Westgarth in the fact I slighted him while talking shit about Penner, fact is, he played well and represented us with pride and I can only thank him for that.

    Game two is ours. I have a feeling we just might wear these guys down if we continue to play like we did last night and continue to score on the PP. Eat your spinach, boys, take your ice baths and bring the heat again tomorrow….we will be cheering.


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