There is no sense overreacting to the Jarret Stoll one game suspension. I expected it. The NHL punishes results more than conduct or intent. If the NHL was, hypothetically, the local District Attorney’s office and Jason Demers took a gun and fired four shots at Ryan Smyth but missed, he would get a private reprimand while Jarret Stoll kicking a rock that ricochets and hits Ian White in the head causing a concussion would require state prison time. Such is NHL justice. Life goes on. I am pleased they are consistent with their incompetence. At least we can see it coming.

Oscar Moller is going to fill in the vacant roster spot. I sure hope we can win some faceoffs tomorrow, especially in our own zone. GO KINGS!

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  1. Which is precisely why the hit against Zeuss wasn’t punished before the playoffs and as you so correctly point out that Demers wasn’t punished for his dangerous play. Stoll and his 65% faceoffs won will be missed. Now I am about to read the Penner article, but if the title holds up, I completely agree…


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