It is no small secret that Scribe and I have had our fair share of complaints directed at Los Angeles Kings enforcer Kevin Westgarth. Sometimes our vitriol is targeted more squarely at Terry Murray and his decisions to play Westy in too many games where we feel his presence is less important than that of a more well rounded skater. Usually we just rail against a roster spot being eaten up by a guy who often times can’t skate himself out of paper bag and whose stick handling skills are on par with a woman’s ability to pee standing up.

At the moment, in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, these complaints are misguided trash and a thing of the past. Kevin Westgarth has been good.

Not just good. Very good. Effective. A pleasure to watch. Everything I have ever hoped Westgarth could provide the Kings, the Princeton graduate has given us in spades during the first two games against the San Jose Sharks. He is hitting. He is getting the puck deep. He is back checking. He is chirping and he is intimidating. He is crashing the net and has stopped seeing the puck as a hot potato.

He is deserving of a regular shift.

Kevin Westgarth has been an asset and if he keeps up this level of play will be a staple in the Kings lineup as they march towards the holy grail.

Surly & Scribe, eat our own hearts out.

This crow tastes almost as sweet as watching the Ducks get two goals scored against them in a matter of 40 seconds.

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4 replies

  1. Could not have said it better!
    If Westie can keep the up..
    I will have to retract everything I have said al year..and now say
    ” He’s a Keeper ! ”
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. he’s been more physical than penner–and even came close to scoring in overtime the other night. plus, we need the size to match up against douglas murray. next step for Westie should be to get in clowe’s face and make him reconsider those cheap shots he’s taking on doughty.

  3. I watched him in absolute disbelievement…is this the same guy I’ve been watching all season? I did not think he had it in him. He actually can play hockey !!!

  4. Every Dog has his day. When he has more than a couple I’ll be excited. :)


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