I had a dream last night that I was punching Joe Thornton.

We were on the ice, we played hockey, I punched him. He skated away, I pursued and punched him. Where he went, I went, punching him. He skated with the puck, I punched him. He passed it, I punched him. He attempted a shot, I punched him. All game…non stop. The game ended, I was still punching him. He skated off the ice to the locker room, I never left his side and never stopped punching him. He changed out of his gear and put on his suit. I punched him. He got in his car and drove home. I got in his car, sat in the passenger seat and punched him. He arrived home and opened the door, I punched him. He kissed his wife hello, I waited for a moment and then punched him. He went to the bathroom, I stood next to him and kept punching him. He went to bed, I went into the bed with him and punched him. He closed his eyes. I woke up. I was tired…from punching him. GO KINGS!