I had a dream last night that I was punching Joe Thornton.

We were on the ice, we played hockey, I punched him. He skated away, I pursued and punched him. Where he went, I went, punching him. He skated with the puck, I punched him. He passed it, I punched him. He attempted a shot, I punched him. All game…non stop. The game ended, I was still punching him. He skated off the ice to the locker room, I never left his side and never stopped punching him. He changed out of his gear and put on his suit. I punched him. He got in his car and drove home. I got in his car, sat in the passenger seat and punched him. He arrived home and opened the door, I punched him. He kissed his wife hello, I waited for a moment and then punched him. He went to the bathroom, I stood next to him and kept punching him. He went to bed, I went into the bed with him and punched him. He closed his eyes. I woke up. I was tired…from punching him. GO KINGS!

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  1. And you keep saying you aren’t a fan of fighting in the game! Or are you just a fan of punching Joe Thornton. We’ve kept him and Heatley and Marleau from being effective so far. Now we have to knock them out. Why stop at punching Thornton?

  2. LOL! my co-worker is wondering what is wrong with me while I read it. I laughed so hard I had tears down my cheeks. Awsome…

  3. Consider yourself lucky I ain’t no Freudian.

  4. let’s hope the kings had the same dream.

  5. Damn, Joe can take a punch!!


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