As expected, a single night’s sleep has done little to alleviate the anger and frustration generated by the Los Angeles Kings massive collapse against the San Jose Sharks in Game 3, in which they squandered 4-0 and 5-3 leads in the second period.

If you find yourself so sick to the stomach you are convinced this series is over, I have a similar message as Bobby’s from last night to convey, albeit a bit more surly.

There are plenty of bridges.  Go find one and by all means, jump.

We do not need negative energy surrounding this team.  We do not need Staples Center filled with people who firmly believe the Kings will lose either tomorrow night’s game or the series.  We do not need finger pointers.  We do not want you.

What we do need, what we do want and what we must have is 18,118+ people inside Staples Center screaming their heads off tomorrow like this is game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Do not waste your time hemming and hawing today.  Save your voices and your passions for tomorrow.  I expect the energy to be just as intense, the volume just as loud and the love for our Kings just as overwhelming as it was when the Kings first took the ice yesterday.  If it is not, I will be sorely disappointed.

If you can’t help but walk into the game tomorrow with a bad attitude, do the right thing and give your tickets to someone else.

Alternatively, if you are the quitting type – you know, heartless, gutless, lazy, fickle and useless – give Dustin Penner a call.  He could use the company.

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  1. I personally am still a little light heading from yelling so much and believe me I plan on being just the same on Thursday…….no quitting from me….GO KINGS GO….GO KINGS GO

  2. You forgot Slow and not in playoff condition. Ahhh.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Amen brotha!

    We will redeem ourselves.

    Wonder what the team thinks of that guy. Wonder if anyone has called that fuck out yet. I would very much like to make our comeback without that fool, he’s as useless as tits on a boar.

  4. The only way to shut’em up is to win. Then they’ll be right there with you cheering. Adversity brings out the worst in Kingsfans, as I suspect with any major sports teams fans. Most bandwagonfans complain ahead of time so that if the Kings turn it around they can except a little crow pie, no harm done, if the bottom does drop they can say “I told you so” . If the Kings win the next 3, I see a unified front heading into the next roud, till we lose another one, then the cycle will start over again.


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