Terry Murray for being an inflexible and stubborn old man.

Dustin Penner for being a coward.

Jamie Kompon for walking through life still searching for a clue.

Michael Handzus for having the game pass him by.

Drew Doughty for being young and dumb. You pick a fight with Nichol and taking yourself off the ice…Nichol. Jesus.

Jonathan Quick for letting in 12 goals in 2 games even if the great majority of them were almost impossible to stop.

The veterans on this team for failing the team for a second consecutive season in the playoffs.

Ryan Smyth for having too much mileage.

Anze Kopitar for setting the Kings’ iron man record only to become injured at the worst possible time of the season.

Did I mention Terry Murray? I think I did. That one could be an article by itself. It could be three.

Under pressure, winners focus and losers fold. The LA Kings folded. They find themselves down 3-1 and face nearly insurmountable odds of coming back. There is nothing good or positive that came from this loss. Just a stern reminder that after many seasons of failure, the team still cannot put it together to win at the most critical time of the season even after having victory within their grasp.

I will love this team tomorrow. Tonight, I look at what we did and failed to do and it hurts.