I read with somewhat surprise the following quote from Terry Murray. Murray’s answer was in response to the question whether he intended to make any personnel changes going into Game 5 that might help turn things around.

Terry Murray’s response was:

“I’m playing what I’ve got. Kopitar is not coming back, guys. He’s got a broken leg. So you play with what you’ve got. I can make some combination changes, maybe. Personnel-wise, I have Oscar Moller sitting there, sitting on the sideline. He would love to play. You’ve got (Davis) Drewiske and Peter Harrold. I take that into consideration. Oscar Moller played very good up there in Game 2, so I’ll think about that one.”

Q: Are you going to make any changes?

A: I am playing what I’ve got. Kopitar is not coming back. He’s got a broken leg. So you play with what you got.

Responsive to the question? No.

Taking a question defensively and giving an excuse? Very much so.

He is frustrated. That answer is a micro tantrum. It is a coach who has thrown his hands in the air and said I am doing the best I can, leave me alone, there is only so much I can do. Terry Murray has lost control. While this is not nearly as bad as his “choking situation” comment when his Flyers were swept and upset by the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals back in 1997, it may be second only to that. It is ironic that the choking comment came after a 6-1 loss in game 3. The more things change…you finish the sentence.

I do not intend to make a big deal out of this. He is human. He is permitted to be frustrated and even vent every once in a while. However, a leader, one poised to inspire and get his troops back in line during tremendous adversity and accompanying pressure does not speak these words. These are the words of someone who has psychologically surrendered.