So, the Surly one is going to San Jose for game 5. He likely wishes it wasn’t the elimination game. Alas, when life gives you lemons, you throw them at your opponent’s head and kick him in the nuts. Hockey and lemonade don’t really work.

So, what did Terry Murray do to help the Kings win one for Surly?

Scott Parse. That’s right. The answer to our defensive woes. When I think Scotty, I think smart defensive zone coverage and strong gritty play along the boards. Got me some goosebumps. No? No. Maybe Terry is thinking outside the box and is going for the throat by winning the game 7-6. Let’s run that 60 minutes in less than 5 goals please for the sake of Jacob’s heart.

Hey, the Ducks lost in OT after giving up a 3-2 lead with about 30 seconds left in the game. That’s gotta be a good omen or, at minimum, something to distract us from our own woes.

What else, what else? Oh, he did juggle the lines. The forward lines. Here they are.


This is a good idea. Five players on the 4th line gives us a 7 on 5 advantage I think. It’s late. My math might be off.

Hammond also reports that the team was quiet and serious during practice today. Add inflexible and stubborn and you would have a team of Murrays…or is it Murries? Either way, that’s a team that will find a way to win games 0-0 and lose them after scoring a baker’s dozen.

Back to Surly, he has no idea what he is in store for…I am partly to blame. I told him that San Jose was like Burbank, quiet, conservative, nice people and he could be as loud and toxic as he wants to be without consequence. I hope he took bail money.