It’s been a tough week for our team and fans. Goodness knows, my head is still spinning especially after that game 4 performance. Regardless, let us not forget that we are all Kings’ fans. We want the same thing – this team to win. We take their success and failure personally because we are emotionally and financially invested in it and, for some, have been so for decades.

Surly will be at the San Jose game tonight, as I was there for game two. We are not crazy. We do this because we love this team and marching behind enemy lines to cheer the team on is a badge we wear with honor regardless of the series deficit. So, regardless of what happens, let’s not forget that we are all on the same team and part of the same cause. We have the entire off season to analyze and dissect what went right and wrong. For now, GO KINGS!

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  1. Completely agree, Bobby! We have to support them in this game, and support them with the belief that it IS NOT THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON! I’m not saying it won’t be difficult, and there won’t be doubt, but the team that struggles to please us, the fans, deserves nothing less. We can tear them apart tomorrow, if we have to!

  2. On my way to the rink!

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  3. GO KINGS GO!!

  4. LA. Scream it loud Scream it Proud
    This Our Team
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. Oh PLEASE prove me wrong!!!
    Pens scored..
    I will take back the Murray is a Moron if…
    GO KNGS GO!!!


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