That is about the only explanation I have for the fourth line tonight. Either that or one of the countless lightning in a bottle theories that he has tried and fizzled or failed for the past three seasons as head coach. Sometimes, a person will say something that is a short cut to thinking. What Terry Murray has done is a short cut to coaching. Think he would admit it? If so, I imagine…

Q: “Coach Murray, what led you to scratch Ponikarovsky and Moller and place Stoll, Penner and Westgarth on the fourth line?”

A: “Darts”

Doubt it. When such things make you scratch your head, remember…it’s the team you support, not the suit behind the bench and the two are very much mutually exclusive. GO KINGS GO!

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  1. Really makes you wonder if he hasn’t just thrown in the towel. I hate to say that, but I have to wonder that. It just makes no sense to play Penner and Westgarth in this game. We need to go faster, and Murray is not doing that.

  2. Yet he was talking about needing the speed of Parse yesterday, but takes out the speed of Poni for the “little engine that could” Penner!? A total WTF moment!

  3. Can we “scratch” Murray?????

  4. Yes please. #benchpenner #scratchmurray

  5. Ponikarovsky? Really. Wow, way to reward his hard play as of late. Also, lets put two fast wingers with slow center (Parse-Zus-Willy) wow. Great thinking coach. At least he didn’t bench Richardson for no apparent reason like he did earlier in the season.

  6. Poni, Clifford, Richie, and Simmer have clearly shown we need SPEED against the Sharks. They’ve all played HARD. Now TM wishes to reward Poni’s goal with a benching?

    TM – you’re time here is done.

  7. One word..well two
    F’N IDIOT!!!

  8. Its GRIT !!! He loves it.


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