Going into game 6, it’s time to think outside the box. We are 2-1 in the goldfish bowl and 0-2 at home. Thus, I devised the following top 7 ideas to finally win a home game.

1. Boo the team and do that ignorant Beat LA chant.

2. Make Staples Center look like a high school gym.

3. Pretend Joe Thornton is captain material.

4. Do that stupid open and close Sharks’ bite thing with our arms each time the Kings need to step up on defense

5. Place a cardboard cutout of Antti Niemi inside the Sharks’ goal.

6. Go for ugly and wave white pom poms instead of towels, and

7. Bring our grandmother to the game so half the arena will be dressed in teal.

Why 7? Because that’s each of your lucky number right now. GO KINGS GO!