Last night, I broke out and held the black jersey with the Scribe on the back and proud number 9.

I put it back on the rack.

That jersey won big in San Jose for game 2 but lost badly in games 3 and 4 at home. Tonight, we’re at home.

I picked it up again. I cursed Surly. I am not superstitious. He is. I held the black jersey in my right hand and stared at it.

I reached and picked up with my left hand the old silver and black Chevy logo one from the Gretzky years. We went to the Cup in that one. I put the Scribe jersey back.

We lost the Cup with the silver and black.

I put it away.

Maybe I will skip the jersey, I pondered. That is stupid, I retorted. I am not superstitious and my jersey does not impact the game. I heard Surly’s laughter in my head, that self-assured enjoying himself at my dilemma kind of laughter.

I picked up the Scribe jersey. I cursed Surly again. I am not superstitious.

I grabbed my black LA Kings’ hat, the same one I wore backward during game two in San Jose and will wear again tonight…backward.

Quisp, one of my favorite LA Kings’ bloggers, is implicitly guaranteeing an LA Kings’ win tonight. Check it out for yourself. That’s how I read it. Thus, we win and he gets his share of the credit. We lose and you all know it was my fault for wearing the black jersey.

Terry Murray told Hammond that he was unconcerned about the 52 shots on goal against Jonathan Quick because it’s the quality of the shots that matter. Here is our coach’s quote.

MURRAY: I don’t even look at the 52 shots very long. I know it was there, but it’s not a number that I’m concerned about. We always break those numbers down to smaller areas. It’s the grade-A quality chances that are the ones that I really focus in on. That number was not too bad. Quick was called on to play very well. The plays that were inside of home plate were, you’re probably look at 12 to 15, maybe 15. That number is a little high from what our average is over the course of the year, but when you’re looking at a powerhouse of a team like that, and the number of power plays that they had, the number was not too bad.

If the number of shots don’t merit concern on the defensive side of it and Grade A scoring chances are the focus on defense, then why is shot mentality and the number of shots we throw at the net the highest priority on offense? Shouldn’t the same Grade A scoring opportunities be the priority? I agree with Murray and his quote about the philosophy on defense. I am struggling to reconcile it.

Brad Richardson said it best. He told Helene Elliot:

We won our last game. They have a lot of pressure on them. They’re the ones that are supposed to win this series.

That is exactly right and what I have told every fellow fan from the start of this series, except  during game 5 where I became temporarily insane. The pressure is on them, not us.

I am bringing a Ducks’ fan to the game tonight. He is a dear friend and supports the Kings with zeal so long as they are not playing the Wild (his number 1 team, as he hails from Wisconsin) and the Ducks (his second team solely via geography and not knowing me years ago). We have a solid record with him at games and he will be wearing the Johnson 3 jersey I got him for his birthday.

That should counteract any harm the Scribe jersey may cause.

I am not superstitious.

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  1. Don’t worry your dilema is shared…..should I wear the playoff shirt or the third jersey???? should I wear the same rings in the same order on my right hand?????? all in black or are jeans ok????? HELP!!!! I don’t want to upset the mojo of luck that is happening right now. Heck do I eat the wetzel dog or stick with the nachos and red vines….

    just know one thing for sure GO KINGS GO GO KINGS GO GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. I still don’t know what jersey to wear tonight – home, away, and alternate are all in the car, ready to go.

    Somebody, anybody make this decision for me. I’m not superstitious…except for when I’m watching the Kings (true.)

    In the end, I’ll probably follow Scribe’s lead. The alternate is the default choice here (as ugly as it is…)


  3. Have to work tonight… damn! But will be wearing my jersey at work !!

  4. I’m meeting some other fans at the Gretzky statue between 5:15 and 5:30 to hang out before the game. I’ll have on a Black button up shirt and some faded black jeans, Cali tan and Brown hair. If you guys make it early I’d love to buy you guys a beer. Any posters are welcome to come join us and talk some hockey.

  5. Would love to join you. Alas, I have dinner plans.


  6. I don’t have the problem of picking out what jersey I’m going to wear, I don’t wear any of them. I have four jersey’s and not once have I worn one to a game. Why? I have no fricken idea. I wear my die-hard Kings shirt and my Kings hat, backwards, just as you.

    Would have been great to hook up with you guys, but I’m not leaving till 5, so I’ll be there on the later side. I’ll be in 322 tonight with my daughter and a life-long friend who introduced me to this great sport. He’s from Montreal but I don’t hold that against him. He roots for the Kings as much as I, as long as the Canadians aren’t involved. Not everyone can be perfect, right?:)

    On to victory, ladies and gentlemen!

    • Interesting, my dinner plans involve a native of Habs-land too.

      Root for the Habs, a lot, right now. Should we go on a miraculous run, the Habs and the Sabres would both yield home ice to us should we (and they) get that far. How’s that for optimism…

  7. I like that optimism!!!!
    Hoping traffic is not lousy because I am coming from Orange County…boo Ducks ha ha you lost…

  8. Tied at the start of the 3rd! Go Kings Go!

    Bring it to 7!

  9. sharks fan here, gotta say i thought we deserved a win after what seemed like something of an exaggeration in the form of a five-minute penalty at that stage of such an important game. but that’s not why i’m writing here. the reason i’m writing is b/c i was really impressed with your guy smyth. a real class act after the game during the handshakes, stopping to talk to our guys. after such a rollercoaster, that shows character, in my book.

    the kings definitely didn’t look like a seventh seed out there, either. definitely a tough team, all season long.

  10. I will never again wear the “home plate” jersey to a play off game.
    I will never again wear the “home plate” jersey to a play off game.
    I will never again wear the “home plate” jersey to a play off game.
    I will never again wear the “home plate” jersey to a play off game.
    …100,000,000,000 time…
    I will never again wear the “home plate” jersey to a play off game.
    I will never again wear the “home plate” jersey to a play off game.

  11. This game was the first game I had ever been to and I can sincerely say that I’m an officially hooked on hockey the intensity of the game was just mind blowing. And although they lost they put up a fierce fight. forever am I a KINGS fan!


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