My heart is broken.

But I am a hockey fan.

There is still over a month of exciting hockey to play. Lets enjoy it.

We saw a good season and a thrilling series.

That’s all I can muster at the moment.

Always and forever,


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  1. Farewell for now…

  2. good stuff all year…the future is the Kings…the kids came out to play this series and they will only get better…I expect at least the second round next year

  3. The kids honoured the jersey they wear.
    Good job.

  4. I am PROUD of my team…the Kings!!!
    Last night’s game was filled with highs and lows….but always a fan.

    Is it time for Hockeyfest yet??? :o)

  5. What was up with Terry Murray NOT being a fan. No hand shake? Really? That is a piss poor loser attitude, and I really want DL to fire him today. Fire everyone but John Stevens I say…

    As for hockey, once the Kings are out, I say, “suck it!” to the western conference. I guess go B’s! (several friends of mine are Bruins fans, and they were pulling for Kings wins for me, so it’s only fair I do the same for them)

    Until next season (and all the drama before it) Go Kings!!

  6. They battled hard and did a lot better than most people thought they would. I can’t wait for next season so we can see 11 back on the ice.


  7. could not even muster the strength to look at this post..
    HEAVY HEART is exactly right..
    I felt like whichever player it was that just stood there after it ended.. I was like stunned,,
    how that be it ..it is all done..
    It will be a long 5 months…

  8. so down I cannot even type correctly
    PLEASE keep your posts coming… do not want to go into no hockey cold turkey..


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