What do you do immediately after you win a playoff series?

Well if your name is Devin Setoguchi or you are a 12 year old girl, you bust out your phone and tweet away.

Setoguchi’s tweet, which I wont post here because my feelings on twitter go something to the effect of ‘fuck twitter’, drew attention to the fact that Kings’ coach Terry Murray did not go through the handshake line at center ice after the Sharks series clinching OT goal in game 6. So of course, there is some controversy.

Not being a senior citizen, I’m not sure what was going through Murray’s head (and to be perfectly honest on the issue, I don’t really give a hoot), but that doesn’t mean I can’t guess. Besides, the series may be over but I will bite my own tongue off before I pass up another golden opportunity to take pot shots at the San Jose Sharks.

So here they are, the top 10 reasons that Murray did not go through the line and shake all the player’s hands.

10. Douglas Murray smells like Viking piss.

9. Out of respect as he wouldn’t be able to hold in his laughter if he had to see Thornton’s ‘C’ that close.

8. It was getting late and he had line changes to make before going to bed.

7. Boyle’s face.

6. He stays purposefully constipated during the hockey season and couldn’t wait to take his first shit since September.

5. He was demonstrating his system to his players by not going to the center of the ice.

4. Senility.

3. He would have charged McGinn.

2. Heatley’s face.

1. He was doing his best impression of Antii Neimi and disappearing.