The stage: The 2011 IIHF World Championships in Slovakia.

The teams: Canada v. Sweden

The goaltenders: Jonathan Bernier v. Erik Ersberg

The day: Monday

Canada is 5-0 in the tournament. Sweden would have been 5-0, if not for the shootout loss against Norway. Is Canada better? Yes, and according to Sweden’s coach, Par Marts (which I mispronounced Car Parts the first two times I read it) the Canadians are also a bunch of winners (you thought I was going to write whiners didn’t you?)…

“I’ve said it before that we produce hockey players and Canada produces winners. We need to learn from them how to compete, how to practice. We have done some changes in our practice but we aren’t there yet. I think Canada is No. 1 still but we’re getting closer and closer every year.”

There you have it. A nice complement from a classy coach. Who are you rooting for? Me too. Go Predators.