Nobody in their right mind likes the Red Wings…well, except their own fans. And Satan. Satan likes the Red Wings.

Todd Bertuzzi should never lift a Stanley Cup. He is the epitome of evil. The dark side of the NHL, not even the cool dark side.

In the pre-cap era, the Detroit Red Wings won Cups after importing Russians. Not the thin, blonde, smile much, speak little persuasion you marry, but the post Communist, perestroika this, glasnost that type.

Thereafter, they cheated. Bought great players from other teams, won Cups. Pissed me off…mostly because we couldn’t do it. They purchased Luc. One of my darkest moments as a Kings’ fan. Luc lifted the Stanley Cup. He wore the winged wheel. Disgusting. They are still doing it. Mike Modano…though he sucks these days and he already has a Cup.

Their fans are obnoxious and the majority of them are bandwagoning bastards.

New Jersey. The armpit of America. Detroit. It’s toilet.


They are playing like men out there. Heart. Down 3-0, they come back, play smart, play hard, fast, tough, relentless. God, I love hockey and the Detroit Red Wings are right now everything I love about hockey. 3-3. Going into game 7. What to do?

They do have some redeeming qualities I suppose.

Datsyuk is the best player in hockey.

Mike Babcock sounds like Rocky Balboa. Come to think of it, he looks a bit like Rocky as well. You know, Rocky’s cousin that went to Law School.

They are not the Canucks…or Ducks. All positives.

I don’t want my Kings to be the sole remaining California team that hasn’t won a Cup.

The Wings have channeled their inner Yzerman.

So, I dwell within the dark side. Do a little evil for a greater good. Hockey is worth the sacrifice. That which does not kill me…

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  1. The Wings, for a lot of years have been my fall back team for the playoffs once the Kings were gone. You are right, they play a fantastic game, and are easily the most dangerous team in the league to play a 7 game series against. Pavel Datsyuk, even with one bad hand, is a better player than anyone in the league. I am so looking forward to this game 7, and the Wings knocking off the Guppies! GO WINGS!!!

  2. The Wings looked great coming back like that. Their depth and experience are impressive. I kinda want the Sharks to lose too.

  3. Well one of my good friends (??) is a Red Wings fan and so he is quite happy. Since he is a friend and I DO NOT want the Sharks to advance I can support them. Though I think I need a hand sanitizer after typing this..??????? I understand your confusion completely.

  4. ‘Todd Bertuzzi should never lift a Stanley Cup. He is the epitome of evil’
    totally correct .. well said..

    ‘They purchased Luc. One of my darkest moments as a Kings’ fan. Luc lifted the Stanley Cup. He wore the winged wheel. Disgusting’
    I tend to block that period out of my mind .. for sanities sake.. I think I may have even stopped watching Hockey for a time..
    all that said.. I have learned to evlove some of my thinking with age.. I am know able to apprecitate individual players for the talent. Wings do have that(understatement).
    So can hate the TEAM ..the one that buys it’s Stars to Win it’s titles instead of working on building a team from within.. They are the pre-made vs. the sculpted.

    as for our beloved Kings.. now it starts.. got an email telling me the finagling/ trade/building/ has begun.. Hanzeus coud be bait to Washington.. damn it to hell.. yea he did not have the best year.. but he has so many outstanding qualities.. and he is not ancient or slow.. years left.. he
    is phenominal defensivly, a great teamate, a leader in the room and for the youngins..
    I repeat myself ..but I HATE THIS PART OF THE GAME..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. I don’t harbor the same hatred for the Dead Things. I think one day soon we’ll be that same sort of franchise. Doesn’t matter anyway because Vancouver is going to mop up the left overs. If I had to pick 1 to move on to the western finals, it would be them though for sure.

    San Jose? Just say NO!

  6. I have only one team I dislike more than the Red Wings and that’s those black striped goofs from the east coast.

    I don’t really care if Vancouver or SJ wins, just not the Wings.

    I highly respect the Wings organization and the talent they produce, but I still don’t like them. It’s just the fact I get tired of them winning all the time, nothing more, nothing less. Boooooo Wings!

    Honestly, I’ll probably be rooting for an Eastern Conference team this year. I can’t say that’s ever happened before. I find myself rooting for TB quite a bit and I absolutely love Timmy Thomas. The adversity he’s fought through with his tenacity and “iron will” is impressive. It’s easy to root for that guy.

    • I agree. I have slowly been won over by Tim Thomas over the last few years, and it is hard not to root for him. Tampa is kind of a dead zone for me, and if they make it to the finals, the only thing that would make me root for them is if they play San Jose. Vancouver is the odds on favorite, but I’m still pissed over last years playoffs, and still have that picture of that Vancouverfan stuck in my head, signaling a triumphant victory with his hands in the air at Staples Center.

      Wish I could let it go, but I hate Montreal even more for the same reason, and that was like 18 years ago at the Forum.

  7. true about not bring able to let it go!! HATE VANCOUVER with a have added the Sharks..2 dirty playing teams..
    We are just LOYAL
    GO KINGS GO! !!!

  8. That was one hell of a series.

    • Can’t deny the Sharks are playing absolutely incredible. Too bad we limped into the playoffs. Seeing them skate through the handshake was difficult to watch, especially knowing that they earned the right to do it, and didn’t just get lucky. Wings went down fighting’,but then again, so did we. Go Boston.

      • We didn’t go down fighting. We f***** ourselves and then could not recover from said f******. I still point to the leadership group of this team (especially the coaches) for allowing the meltdown to occur and then not being able to recover from it when it happened (still shake my head at not calling a timeout though that was one of many issues) for the second straight season. But, then again, I am still pissed off

        • I too was frustrated by leadership, and the subsequent melt down, But I place that squarely on the feet of the coaching staff. 23 players, and a goalie, all crashing to the ground at the same time, and every area of the ice being invaded by negative Karma, shouldn’t be layed at the feet of 3 guys who are forced to play the same ill conceived game plan as everyone else on the team.

          TM better fix the offense, or I’m gonna scream. Defense wins championships? The 4 teams left are all in the top 8 offensively this season. 2 of them lead the league. Offense seems to be the soup de jour. Defense is just a fruit juice spritzer. :(

          • TB, outstanding team defense. Vancouver, great defense while missing guys throughout the year. SJ has a very underrated defense and I think they’re a lot better than(we) most people give them credit for. And Boston has the “18 wheeler” and Thomas. These teams have both offense and defense. Exactly the balance we have been talking about the last few weeks. Balance wins Championships.

          • Confidence in your offensive capabilties leads to defensive confidence. I want balance also, and I’m just frustrated at the fact that we are so damn dependant on defense. Waiting till a trade, or FA to come in before we open the game up, is not a plan. It’s a cop out “play a slow game because we don’t have the talent yet”.

            When we do have this supposed talent we’ll still play a slow methodical game, with no foundation to speed the game up.

          • just caught this, but Tampa was 22nd in defense this season.

  9. I couldn’t sit thur game.. just kept taking peeks.. damn.,, shark fin soup.. denied..
    Go Boston is right..
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  10. Dominick …I think the problem reallstems from the old fashion minded coaching..sure hope we don’t end up like Minnesota when Jacques was coaching.
    I say we have the talent we just need to hone it..need to get out stick to stick passing up to more puck dumping next season. And get some speed into our guys..condition them properly..
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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