Nobody in their right mind likes the Red Wings…well, except their own fans. And Satan. Satan likes the Red Wings.

Todd Bertuzzi should never lift a Stanley Cup. He is the epitome of evil. The dark side of the NHL, not even the cool dark side.

In the pre-cap era, the Detroit Red Wings won Cups after importing Russians. Not the thin, blonde, smile much, speak little persuasion you marry, but the post Communist, perestroika this, glasnost that type.

Thereafter, they cheated. Bought great players from other teams, won Cups. Pissed me off…mostly because we couldn’t do it. They purchased Luc. One of my darkest moments as a Kings’ fan. Luc lifted the Stanley Cup. He wore the winged wheel. Disgusting. They are still doing it. Mike Modano…though he sucks these days and he already has a Cup.

Their fans are obnoxious and the majority of them are bandwagoning bastards.

New Jersey. The armpit of America. Detroit. It’s toilet.


They are playing like men out there. Heart. Down 3-0, they come back, play smart, play hard, fast, tough, relentless. God, I love hockey and the Detroit Red Wings are right now everything I love about hockey. 3-3. Going into game 7. What to do?

They do have some redeeming qualities I suppose.

Datsyuk is the best player in hockey.

Mike Babcock sounds like Rocky Balboa. Come to think of it, he looks a bit like Rocky as well. You know, Rocky’s cousin that went to Law School.

They are not the Canucks…or Ducks. All positives.

I don’t want my Kings to be the sole remaining California team that hasn’t won a Cup.

The Wings have channeled their inner Yzerman.

So, I dwell within the dark side. Do a little evil for a greater good. Hockey is worth the sacrifice. That which does not kill me…