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  1. Never was indeed…but that may be the story of his career…

  2. Now he can wear his tight little turtlenecks without ridicule. :)

    I’m thinking a journey back to his roots will do him some good.

    Good luck Fro!

  3. I think it was, the Kings just didn’t allow it. he he he.

    Lack of appreciation allowed Fro to walk, when he should of stayed. It also gave the Kings an excuse to seek out a player like Poni (who I like) to replace him when they didn’t have too. Say what ever you want once he left, but the truth is, when he was here, he was better than any player we had at his position, and he should of been used properly, instead of delegating him to lower rolls offensively.

    Everyone complained about how he disappeared at times, and were perfectly willing to sacrifice his numbers to get a player who would compete. Well you guys all got your wish, see how that works out for you.

    Now all I can do is complain (even though I did before he left) how we shouldn’t have let him walk for nothing.

  4. Thank YOU Bobby
    For being kindand not a hater.
    My favorite player ..We who really know him, know his Skills etc.
    Last summer was very hard for me.
    Jan 8th was devastating.
    I knew in my heart He was done in NY. He did not fit
    You could tell He was not comfortable. He did try to please Tortorella. He went to the boards and took the body more, even though we know that is not his style.
    So now he goes to Siberia for 3 years. I so hope he heals up 100%, has huge success ..and then decides to cone back to the NHL.
    Anyone who has access to information of Fro from now on, it would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  5. Actually KHL stuff is pretty easy to get off the internet. I followed Ersberg this year and he did pretty well and I was happy for him…

  6. Just Catching up here.. thank you Dominick!.. you put it exactly right!
    I might not know every player as well as many of you, but Fro I know.. and sure wish
    he could have been appreciated and encouraged to play to his ability..
    Thank you! Steve S. for the info..
    I may be back asking.. where do I go come September..


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