Terry Murray After Seeing Teddy Purcell's Playoff Stats

Allow me to introduce Teddy Purcell to Terry Murray.

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Terry, this is Teddy. You may remember him. 6’3″, 202 pounds. Plays right wing. Didn’t crack your top 6 because he wasn’t gritty enough. Last season, played in only 41 games with you as his coach. Managed 3 goals, 3 assists for 6 points and a -1. Not exactly top 6 forward stats, right? So, your one-dimensional skill stifling, cycling offense didn’t suit Teddy and the “has been”, better written, “never was”, soft as a month old tomato was shipped off…for Jeff Halpern…and a pick I think. Yeah, our GM Dean Lombardi must have seen what you saw. This kid wasn’t going to make it. All that talk about his hockey sense, passing and play making ability was clearly exaggerated. Glad we got rid of him. How has he done in Tampa Bay?

81 games this season. 17 goals, 34 assists, 51 points. Not bad. That would have put him 4th on the LA Kings behind Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams and Dustin Brown. Interesting. Top 6 forward offensive numbers. But, he surely must have been a -20 right? I mean, the kid couldn’t play much defense under Terry, at least not to Terry Murray’s liking, right? Right? Nope. +5. Yeah, but that’s the regular season. How about the playoffs, when boys are weeded out and men rule the day, where those words Terry Murray likes so much like the “hard” and “heavy” and “stopping the puck”, “slowing the play” style of game are all the rage.

12 playoff games. 2 goals. 11 assists. 13 points. +5. Averaging more than a point per game in the hard and heavy. In the first game against Boston tonight? 1 goal (all skill) and 1 assist, his goal put the Lightning up 3-0 in the game and he helped lead Tampa Bay to a 1-0 series lead in the conference finals.

So, what do you say coach Murray? Was it the player? Or was it you that was the problem? And is the problem.

Our regards to Teddy Purcell. Surly & I wish you nothing but success.