Terry Murray After Seeing Teddy Purcell's Playoff Stats

Allow me to introduce Teddy Purcell to Terry Murray.

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Terry, this is Teddy. You may remember him. 6’3″, 202 pounds. Plays right wing. Didn’t crack your top 6 because he wasn’t gritty enough. Last season, played in only 41 games with you as his coach. Managed 3 goals, 3 assists for 6 points and a -1. Not exactly top 6 forward stats, right? So, your one-dimensional skill stifling, cycling offense didn’t suit Teddy and the “has been”, better written, “never was”, soft as a month old tomato was shipped off…for Jeff Halpern…and a pick I think. Yeah, our GM Dean Lombardi must have seen what you saw. This kid wasn’t going to make it. All that talk about his hockey sense, passing and play making ability was clearly exaggerated. Glad we got rid of him. How has he done in Tampa Bay?

81 games this season. 17 goals, 34 assists, 51 points. Not bad. That would have put him 4th on the LA Kings behind Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams and Dustin Brown. Interesting. Top 6 forward offensive numbers. But, he surely must have been a -20 right? I mean, the kid couldn’t play much defense under Terry, at least not to Terry Murray’s liking, right? Right? Nope. +5. Yeah, but that’s the regular season. How about the playoffs, when boys are weeded out and men rule the day, where those words Terry Murray likes so much like the “hard” and “heavy” and “stopping the puck”, “slowing the play” style of game are all the rage.

12 playoff games. 2 goals. 11 assists. 13 points. +5. Averaging more than a point per game in the hard and heavy. In the first game against Boston tonight? 1 goal (all skill) and 1 assist, his goal put the Lightning up 3-0 in the game and he helped lead Tampa Bay to a 1-0 series lead in the conference finals.

So, what do you say coach Murray? Was it the player? Or was it you that was the problem? And is the problem.

Our regards to Teddy Purcell. Surly & I wish you nothing but success.

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  1. As the off season progresses the criticism of Terry Murray grows more shrill. The team has improved under him, but it seems like it may be time for someone else. I don’t know. Would another coach make a difference? Hard to say…

    • Only a fool ignores evidence directly before it. Well, a fool or a homer. Surly and I are neither. We love this team but calling a spade a spade is not disloyalty. It’s honesty. I hated his hiring from the moment it happened. What I worried about has come to fruition. At this point, all I can hope for is that the players will rise above it, make Terry irrelevant in the success of the team. Of course, I am dreaming but even I am inclined I suppose to fall into delusion for the love of our Kings

  2. I can’t describe how much it will hurt if Teddy Purcell & Randy Jones win the Cup this year. I wish the best for them, but it will hurt and I can only point at Murray and ask “WHY?!?”

    • Point to Lombardi as well. Terry didn’t trade Purcell. Dean did. Terry simply could not turn him into something he wasn’t. As for Randy Jones, a flea that hitchhikes on a dog’s back while that dog wins a race does not turn the flea into a winner…Randy Jones is a passenger.

      • Good points. Very good points. BTW, sir, you are the King of Analogy in my book now. It saddens me that Murray is trying to turn Penner into something he isn’t as well. I know Penner is out of shape, but Murray is also using him wrong. As for Jones, I completely agree.

      • Bobby,
        Terry didn’t trade him, but Terry did fail to train him. That ultimately lead Dean to the trade.

        What I wouldn’t give to see DL go in a different direction, and release Murray, then ask the Red Wings for permission to talk to John Maclean, for the job of head coach. 7 years as an assistant to Mike Babcock, 3 appearances to the Finals, and a cup in 6 of those years. Not sure, but I think his teams have made the playoffs every year he’s been coaching in the NHL, and he is a wiz on power play strategies.

        TM will get another chance, and I will support him, but I do it while grinding my teeth every day.

  3. Yeah this kid has been something else this season.

    Although this isn’t the same situation, I bet you will find Ponikarovsky scoring 20 goals again for whomever he plays for next season once he gets away from Coach Murray.

    • He has already shown it. He was a 20 goal scorer before he came here and then Terry Murray WONDERS WHY HE DOESN’T SCORE 20 WHEN HE IS PLAYING IN PRIMARILY A DEFENSIVE SHUT DOWN ROLE GOING UP AGAINST THE OPPOSING TEAM’S STRONGEST LINES. It is mind boggling, nothing short of maddening that our coach is this inept and Lombardi is buying what Murray is shoveling

  4. Posts like these make me want to bash my face into a wall…due to how obvious it is to you, and I that Terry Murray is no longer the “right fit” for this team.

  5. Sadly TM expects everyone to play 2way. Youcannot expect every player to be of this mindset however some of the best lines in history were built qlong one player on each line having defensive reponsibility. For example gretzky, kurri, anderson, not all having to play out of their element. Kurri was a selke who never in my memory to have won one. Why the hell can’t TM see this scenario and run with it? Kopi, JW, sniper. Stoll, smyth, sniper. Schenn, simmonds, sniper (clifford?)….I suggest this would work marvelously. Take out smyth for a younger player and go from there if that is our direction.

  6. Sorry for the grammar in the above post, typing on my phone and not doing a good job of it.

  7. Every point is valid, but I think your forgetting to mention Teddy was in no way going to displace Williams, Brown or Simmonds for a top 6 position.

    Was he tried at LW? For some reason I can’t recall. If he was how did he do?

  8. I have one thing to say, whoever represents the West is the real deal. All teams in the West have played outstanding hockey. I have changed my mind, both SJ and Van have earned my respect and I will be rooting for the West whomever gets there.

  9. imagine how many goals kopitar would score with a better coach, not saying TM is a bad coach, but we need some offensive punch badly

  10. Hey Terry, if Teddy’s stat’s & Playoff preformance aren’t a clear indictation you suck the life out of any skilled player…..

    How’d Brian Boyle do THIS season for the Rangers

    And YES, not a Fluke…..Matt Moulson scored over 30 goals again!!!!!!!!!

    When you came here…..these 3 ( Teddy,Matt & Brian ) were our top offensive prospects, their future was in your hands.

    You Liked Moulson, He made the team out of training camp, had a upper or lower body injury for 1 week, and you sent him back down to Manchester, never concidered again, we were in the bottom 5 teams, was Moulson going to hurt us? NO, he thrived down in Manchester,where he helped Teddy win the AHL MVP. But NOW, you liked Teddy… Fuck Moulson, not going to amount to anything, then Deano decides he’s not worthy of an extention or another 2-way contract…….Hmmm. I bet those 61 goals and 100 points in the 2 seasons since, keep you and Tampon up at night. And Deano, that pursuit of a scoring left winger, do some research and find how many back to back 30 goal scoring left wingers are out there…….Dean? AND what could he have done with KOPITAR? BAD judgement on all accounts…….and Who is accountable for evaluating our prospects and players…….TM that’s who

    BUT you did give Boyle a chance, a chance at the 4th line center position, where the BIG man was only allowed to play BIG, And because he’s BIG he must only play BIG because BIG means BIG and now that’s what you are in TM’s grand design…….so was this really a Chance!!!!! HE DID finally get a chance this season, and scored a couple goals less than Penner, playing on the 3rd and 2nd lines for NY. Boyle is a skilled player, with a cannon of a shot, and never had to be the BIG guy because he’s got skills……BUT that’s just it with you Terry, Skill is not in your game plan, and BIG must Play BIG, because YOU have roles to fill. How have your BIG men preformed offensively in your system….Penner & Poni?????? You sucked all the goal scoring out of both these guys, and the Boyle situation is my PROOF……

    So who can score goals or create offense in your system??? Moller & Lokti are “Too Small” so we better not hold our breath with Kozun, Hickey, Voynov & Weal in our system. Yes, Schenn is coming but he didn’t exactly impress in your system either, so I’m not expecting a Calder year next year or after…..Toffoli can score, but good luck cracking the lineup when Robitaille skates circles around you. There’s Vey……but he reminds me of a smaller Moulson so how’s that gonna work. Maybe Czarnik…..he’s looking like a larger Richie and may have more speed than any of our prospects, but this just all turns around to PURCELL.

    Never found any offense in the Terry Murray, Jamie Tampon system

    That’s a SHOCKER !!!!!!!!!!


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