Before you click on the link, know that the article is not in English so use your friend, Google Translate. If you can’t figure out what language it is, then hang your head in shame…

Here is the link that suggests Oscar Moller may be or is seriously considering playing for Elitserien in the Elite League…or Fjardstad, though for our purposes, the team over there is irrelevant.

My first instinctive response? This sucks.

Moller is the train that could. If I hear one more fan or read one more article calling him too small to play in the NHL, I will flip out…and possibly become violent. Like Matt Moulson and Teddy Purcell before him, Oscar has never been given a fair shake with the LA Kings. Rather, the absurd moniker of “soft” has been attached to his game and/or it’s been advocated he is not big enough to compete. As if speed, skill and a fearless game are somehow overshadowed by his inability to barrel over opposing forwards and defensemen along the boards. Moller has every tool in his tool chest to succeed in the new NHL (which isn’t all that new anymore) that emphasizes his style of game. Coincidentally, we saw a nice preview of this in game two against the San Jose Sharks when he was placed in his natural position, center, and thrived. Of course, the following game when Jarret Stoll returned, Oscar was placed back on wing. Remind anyone of Teddy Purcell being played on left wing when his natural position was right? What is it with Terry Murray and trying to shove every round peg that doesn’t bring size and grit into an obtuse square hole?

As a side note, if he went to Europe, the Kings would retain his rights so there is at least that.

This is a head shaking development, if true but for what it’s worth, I don’t buy it. I think another team snatches him up if the LA Kings for some reason don’t retain his rights and don’t be shocked if it is the Anaheim Ducks. From the horse’s mouth, I can tell you that Randy Carlyle is a big fan of Oscar Moller. If he becomes a Duck, I may just lose it…

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  1. Noooooooo! That’s all.

    Damn. Wake up people!

  2. Moller is close to sign with SEL team Skellefteå AIK, it should be official later this week.

  3. Why is it that we have so much depth at defense, and goaltending, and yet our biggest complaints about players let go, are all on offense?

    If there’s any area where we could afford to let guys go, it’s on defense. Every offensively gifted player that Murray gets his grubby little hands on, he’s turned into a 2 way player, or let go. All free agents that got good contracts to come here and score, have seen their numbers drop immediately, once they get situated.

    Sorry, but no matter what anybody say’s, until I see Penner play an offensive system that works, I’m not going to rag on the guy like everybody else. See you later little Viking, have fun in Europe, scoring goals.

  4. Please tell me why you think he is better as center than on the wing? Where has he produced more? Is his style better suited for the balancing role of a center than of the torpedo-role of a winger?

    • That’s his natural position, I believe. When he went to Manchester they played him at Center/Right wing, even though he’s played most of his career at Center.

    • Moller is at his best when the puck is on his stick and he has room to operate through the neutral zone and across the blue line. He skates well with the puck and his speed backs off defenders, which in turn allows the wingers time and space. I saw this again first hand in game 2 in San Jose when I was there though even then I recall Murray jumped around between center and wing with him and Oscar was great at center. Send Moller to the boards like a winger to bang bodies or recover the puck and you are playing to his weakness, not his strength. The primary purpose of a center is to play the middle of the ice and a center covers more ice surface than wingers. That requires speed and solid skating ability (including lateral movement) especially if the center is not a big guy. The center position also emphasizes good passing and an accurate (though not necessarily a hard) shot, which Moller possesses. That was probably a longer answers than you wanted but it boils down to playing to a player’s strength verses weakness. Putting Moller at wing is a bit like putting Dustin Brown at center. It doesn’t play to his game.

      • No, that’s a great answer. I’m tired of defending Moller in the sense you have to keep repeating yourself about his skills. I’m not one to say the same thing over and over, so I’ll just agree with you on whatever you say about this young man. He’s worth keeping and developing. He could be a big part of our successful future. I’m 100% behind Moller. Stick with us young man!

  5. Excellent analysis of Oscar.. damn if we lose him to Europe…

  6. Terry Murray has single handedly, wrongfully used and evaluated our young talent to the point where his offensive system may not be his most glaring weakness.

    Maybe it’s time to hold Deano responsible !!!!!!!!!

    He hired that Idiot Crawfish, and followed his advice, this brought us Cloutier….
    And nothing but friggin’ grief……

    BUT…..Maybe we were actually DUE….we obviously had young talent before TM got here,
    and Dean and our scouts that found available free agent college kids like, Purcell, Moulson,Martinez & Drewiske with NHL ready talent. Add Boyle to the mix and WE WERE building correctly before Murray got here.

    Since TM…Kids like Doughty,Simmonds, Clifford & Lewis get into the lineup and stick…..But in TM’s assessment, the later 3 are more NHL ready than all but 1 of those college kids when he got here….And in my opinion Martinez will be better than Jack Johnson, and Drewiske could be a starter on any of the 4 remaining playoff teams if given a chance or different coach.

    Bobby Scribe…..” Square Peg into round hole” Terry Murray mentality, is just scratching the surface. How about OLD school NHL ready ( TM ) vs Really NHL ready ( The rest of the league since 2009) He is the Square peg coach trying to fit an OLD School mentality into today’s NHL.

    As a result We’ve lost some of the best talent we’ve trained, and helping other teams get better
    We’re bringing in talent that cannot perform with this coach or his system
    We’re log jammed in positions that we’re not as strong as other teams, to what end?
    We’re banking on Character, to which our coach has his own definition of, and ????
    We’re stamping labels on our prospects, that stick like tattoo’s, but in TM’s handwriting

    Forget, the lack of offensive flair….the predictable point cycle, Quick covering for our defensive lapses, Scuderi, Greene & Mitchell being the best set of defensive defensemen on any team in the league, and John Stevens coming in an quietly improving our defensive ranks to repeatedly reset and start again the Jamie Tampon offense.

    Any coach could and should of replaced Crawfish……
    This team and it’s fan base was ready….for success

    Moller, Loktionov,Voynov & Hickey will be fun to watch elsewhere
    That is part of being a KINGS fan
    We watch the Stanley Cup Playoff’s to the end, there’s probably a “One that got away” still in it
    Old School Kings Deano……..we’ve seen them go…..and some get their names enScribed


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