7-3. A football score…and football sucks. This game didn’t. Let’s recap.

  • Kevin Bieska beats Patrick Marleau up the ice for a goal.
  • Patrick Marleau responds later in the game by starting a fight against Kevin Bieska…and getting pounded.
  • Kevin Bieska finishes the game with a Gordie Howe hat trick.
  • Joe Thornton responds during the game and after the Patrick Marleau fight by disappearing.
  • Joe Thornton states after the game that he didn’t think the Marleau v. Bieska fight was a mismatch…er…

Ben Eager responds to the Marleau v. Bieska fight by confirming he may be the biggest moron in hockey. Ok, that is not surprising. It’s also not a shock that his penalties were game changers. But then…

  • Ben Eager plasters Daniel Sedin on a dirty hit and Sedin doesn’t lay on the ice pretending to have been shot at close range but rather jumps right back to his feet.
  • Todd McLellan, generally a very smart coach, punishes Ben Eager for his stupidity on the ice by continually putting Eager back on the ice.
  • Ben Eager rewards McLellan’s confidence by scoring a goal and proceeding to talk smack to Rubber-Toe Luongo…while the San Jose Sharks are down 7-3.
  • Rubber-Toe Luongo tells Panger after the game that taking “punches in the face” is what it takes to win in the playoffs…

…and while the Sedins catching fire and putting on an offensive clinic is not a surprise, the following twins, directed at – who else – Ben Eager were even better.

Canucks' fan shows her boobs, nicknamed, "the Sedins"

Fortunately, everything in the hockey world returned to normal as I realized LA Kings’ coach Terry Murray had to have been thinking during the game, “how do the Canucks score so many goals without a grinding, cycle game along the boards?”

I love the NHL playoffs.