Someone get Dean Lombardi’s attention. Jeff Carter may actually be on the trading block…and this time, it’s coming from some reliable sources.

This is Jeff Carter we are talking about. 6’3″, 200 pounds. Center. A consistent 30 + goal scorer. Easily a 70 to 80 point guy. 26 years old. He has only missed 21 games in the past six seasons. +27 last season.

He is the prototypical and ideal scoring center that can play defense and has a physical edge.

Most importantly for Dean, perhaps…he is a Flyer.

I love Jeff Carter.

He is expensive. 5.27 million through 2021. But, is that unaffordable? That is about the cap hit Dean Lombardi was ready to take for Ilya Kovalsuck. If I recall correctly, Dean was also at the 11 to 13 year range with his offer to Kovalsuck.

What does Philadelphia need? Youth. Their prospect pool is bare. They are in desperate need of young offensive defensemen. Let’s see now…what do we have a lot of? If that took you more than 1 second to answer, hang your head in shame.

So, can you see it? One of our offensive defenseman, a pick (this may be the biggest stumbling block as Philly will want a 1st) + a young roster player and some salary going the other way. Oh crap, that is the problem. Salary going the other way. The Flyers are trying to shed the salary to acquire a goalie? This just became complicated. Who goes the other way? Stoll? That could work if Philly is willing to take him. Smyth? Get serious. Salary going to Philly all but guarantees a 1st also goes. So, would you do Jeff Carter for a top defensive prospect, Stoll, and a 1st?

Before you answer, you are going to ask me if the Kings need a second line center? The answer is yes. If they didn’t, Kopitar’s injury wouldn’t have been a big deal. It was because the kids, Brayden Schenn included, are not established at that position in the NHL. We have solid prospects, but we have the same void going into this season as we did last season – a center that can play behind Anze Kopitar and give us scoring depth.

If I am Dean, I am making a phone call. Beyond that, I take it further if I am hired to replace Dean. I don’t work for free…except for you…and that is because I love each of you. GO KINGS!

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  1. A trade for Carter would start with Schenn, a defenseman and a pick.

    Flyers wouldn’t want NHL salary back from the Kings, but the Kings have plenty of players they could trade to other teams if the cap is an issue with Carter.

  2. Some say they need goaltending. Bernier for Carter sounds highly unlikely though. I do think if they can fill that goalie position with an FA then Carter could be a possibility. Vey, or Weal could be offered up, with Voynov and a conditional 2nd, or 3rd. That would give them quality prospects at low prices for their club, at key positions that the Kings are currently log jammed at, plus a draft pick.

    I do think if Carter is used, then it will be for a goalie though.

  3. … A curious thing about Carter, and something that illustrates what I don’t like about “conventional hockey wisdom’:

    Carter in the regular season – 1.31 goals per 60 minutes, 2.48 points per 60 minutes, +51
    Carter in the playoffs – 0.92 goals per 60 minutes, 1.48 points per 60 minutes, -14

    I wonder how long it will be before Carter gets labeled as a “playoff choker” in the mold of Joe Thornton; a guy who “lacks heart and desire when the going gets tough” or a guy who “doesn’t have the mental strength to elevate his game when it matters most”.

    As for making a deal like this, well … it doesn’t hurt to have forward depth, particularly centre depth. The Kings right now have four projected centers: Kopitar, Stoll, Richardson, and Schenn. Ideally, they would want to develop Schenn as perhaps a second line centre right out of the gate, so I wouldn’t advise including him in a deal.

    If, on the slim chance that Carter can be acquired for other players/prospects, does a trade for Carter bump Kopitar to the wing? Carter has been good on the draw over the last couple seasons, but Kopitar is gradually learning to win them and is getting to the point where he could be over 50% next season if he keeps at it. Meanwhile, the Kings are going to want Schenn to play centre as often as possible to develop HIS skills there. Stoll is already strong on faceoffs, of course. So would Carter play on the wing? It’s a pleasant quandary to have, as depth is always a good attribute, but it is a quandary nonetheless.

    • Lewis is the X factor. If he can start scoring 15-20 goals and gets better on the draw, he makes stoll redundant. I see no reason not to play Schenn as 4th line center.

      No Carter:


      With Carter, Schenn spends a year on Manchester (assuming stoll or Lewis don’t go to Philly):


      Richardson is fine on Will g a d Lewis is the better defensive player and thus better suited to bottom 6 center duty.

      Lewis’s emergence This season is a huge boon to the Kings and makes their options this summer much more open. At the very least he makes losing Handzus easy.

      • … I would prefer seeing Lewis on a wing, myself. He definitely did have a good six-game run in the playoffs, and he certainly has found a niche for himself on the PK – but I’d hate like hell to have to rely upon him as a regular center who can barely win 40 percent of the faceoffs in which he’s involved.

        I also don’t see another season in Manchester helping Schenn, either; all that would do in my mind is unnecessarily take a season away from his NHL career. He’s ready for the big show right now. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Schenn centering the fourth line out of the gate, because Stoll has earned a spot centering the second or third line and Richardson played so well in the postseason that he also has earned a chance on the second or third line to prove (or disprove) that his playoff performance was no fluke.

        I’d like to see the Kings make some room for Schenn on the power play next season, but he’d likely have to move over to wing to make that happen – maybe an off wing? I could see a first unit of Penner-Kopitar-Schenn-Doughty-Johnson doing some real damage, and it would be a real opportunity for Schenn to put some points on the board early and take some pressure off of himself.

        • Interesting. Personally I like Richardson on the wing more than Lewis. I think they both play better at center than they do wing, but I think Richie is the better winger and Lewis the better center.

          They are ultimately pretty similar players right now with Lewis the edge in defense and Richie the edge in offense. The main difference to me is I think Richie has more or less leveled out whereas I think Lewis has lots of room and likelihood to improve in all facets of his game.

  4. I don’t want to lose Stoll…..he is fantastic on the face off and had a great year. I would not vote for him to go away. Carter is a wonderful player though and would be an asset to the Kings for sure. But since Mr. Lombardi does have that hearing problem I doubt he can hear the courtesy phone ringing….RING RING RING RING.

  5. Thing is though, we need wingers since we’ve got enough centers… I’ve heard Parise and Oshie are viable options as well.

    • I agree. Also do we really need another Center who can play Right Wing? Those are both positions that we have some depth in. Why are there only 2 Centers in the entire Kings organization who can play Center, and Left Wing (like Richardson, and Lewis)?

      • Agreed, though the problem I’m looking at is what Deano’s looking at when the FA season starts in July, I’m hoping we can get someone good like I mentioned and make it worthwhile. I’m still waiting on Penner to produce, personally.

        • Penner producing would be nice. I think even if he does though, he’s going to end up another Frolov, where even if he does produce, he’ll still be in TM’s dog house for consistancy issues. Penner is not a TM type player, even on his best day.

          • And therein lies the rub and something I also miscalculated. I was so excited to finally have an offensively gifted left wing that I forgot the struggles he would have under TM. If you think about it, Penner is a larger and more experienced version of Purcell.

          • Almost like a smaller version of a Boyle. :)

          • Or a taller version of Moulson?

          • While i know the comparisons are about Murray not being able to use offensive players properly, i don’t think Penner can really be thrown in there with those other guys. Purcell, Boyle and Moulson struggled under Murray and have flourished elsewhere. Penner, however, has had the same monkey on his back for basically his whole career, across 3 teams, and really only played up to his supposed snuff once for a full season. Penner came with some problems.

  6. Your absolutely correct. Those aren’t completely fair comparisons, because those players were undeveloped assets that had potenetial. I do think that it brings up the question of wether Murray is the right man to turn Penner’s fortuness around though.

    Better comparisons as far as veteran scoreres who had untapped potential might be Frolov, or Ponikarovski. I have a feeling Penner will end up being compared to both as a negative for DL.

    Another thing, we’ve never had a sniper on the right side, but everybody complains about having a sniper on the left. Why is the left always been so weak under Murray? Williams is strong, but has been injured here and there. He’s only 1 player and yet our right side is strong. For the last 3 years young scorers have been brought in on the left, and failed every time. Veterans brought in to play the left and score have failed there as well over the last 3 years.

    Do we really need better players on the left side, or a whole new attack that doesn’t force play to the boards on that side.


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