A tweet from the official NHL twitter page at 6:38 pm tonight:

“The seemingly unstoppable Teddy Purcell strikes again! Bolts lead 3-2. #BosTBL #NHLPlayoffs

Two goals tonight in a critical game six. The difference in the game. As I write this, the Bolts lead 3-2.

Clearly, all of these goals and assists didn’t “fit” into the LA Kings’ system.

Terry Murray doesn’t care. His inflexible and archaic system is a reflection of the who and what Murray is and has been. Of that I am certain. However, Dean Lombardi should take a moment to reflect at who he has chosen to coach this team. If he isn’t, heaven help the Kings as more offensively talented players are shipped off in the future to flourish elsewhere. If he isn’t, perhaps the emperor has no clothes after all.

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  1. Moller and Loktionov will probably be next.

  2. According to fans on the insider, Murrays system isn’t the problem, the players are. They’re not fully developed, and can’t execute properly. Murrays system is flawless, and just as offensive, as defensive.

    It’s offensive all right.

    Their are some really wise bloggers there, but some of them have blinders on so thick that they won’t even admit that the system isn’t offensive at all. A false sense of loyalty that refuses to hear that Murray wants everything against the boards during the entire game.

    I’m not even calling for his head, just a change. I do complain that it’s his fault that we aren’t playing that way already. All I get is how the Kings weren’t ready to make that change yet, but next year they will be, because the players will be better.

    Funny how I never critisized the players, but had it turned back on me that I somehow was.

    • x2 Dom. I think some people just prefer to close their eyes and go lalalalalalala when problems are apparent. Actually, I think people just like to support their team no matter what.

  3. Just curious……….What was your opinion at the time of the trade?

    • I didn’t provide an opinion one way or another in an article after the trade, I think Jacob did, but I do recall shortly before the trade writing that I think he is going to do well outside of Murray’s system.

    • … So glad you asked! (I know you didn’t ask me.)

      My reaction to the trade of Purcell was rather strong.

  4. Another sad part and please don’t censor me like I have been elsewhere. You can’t speak out against TeMu or Lostbardi elsewhere. You mention it on one site about Teddy now and people chastise you for speaking out against our beloved team or better yet your post gets nuked. Folks, this team is as bad as Marc Crawford systems in the same way. There is no tolerance for rookies or their ilk. They don’t get a chance to grow when ready to come up to the club see Moulson, Purcell, and soon to be others.

    There is a difference between a Detroit farm pipeline and ours, they’ve been doing it for years and trust in it, I don’t believe TeMu and Lombardi are on the same page at times.

    • I do support DL. I think he’s done a wonderful job of building through the draft, and accomplished a lot more than Taylor, or any other Kings GM with almost 1/2 the picks that Taylor had, in 1/2 the time.

      I completely agree with you on TM and DL not being on the same page though. DL drafts offensive players that don’t match TM’s system. TM wants big, strong, grinding, defensive minded, 2 way players who can play along the boards, and DL keeps giving him offensive minded scorers like Moller, Vey, Weal, Lokti, Purcell, Moulson, Holloway, Kozun, Toffoli, and Boyle, who don’t play that way at all.

      I see good players coming up, and I see them being tossed aside, or will be eventually. Wish TM would show some follow through with his offensive scheme, the way he does with his defense first scheme.

      • The one myopic part of DL’s plan is that he lacks the impetus to, at least in the 1st round, maybe just maybe try to go after someone known for scoring, with good character, that can flat out game break. We traded back into the first round to nab Lewis, who I know other teams wanted, but were stung, heck, you don’t draft a defensive stalwart in the first round, IMHO, you draft talent; We trade back into the first another year and get Teubert, better kid here if drafting for D, the kid from The Sabres, Tyler Myers…We trade up to draft Forbort; of all the DL drafts, in the first round, we have taken two forwards…The Rest D.

        This begs the question, now what is our current problem? Some say secondary scoring, I disagree here, rather I agree with others, a sniper or multiple sniper types or those that we can throw out there and have threat every shift they are on the ice. DL has been horrendous in building talented scoring for this team. His trades while we may have liked them to start have done nothing to abate this problem. Sadly players like Hickey should have been long gone via trade for our needs given he and the now gone Teubert are/were never going to see the light of day on the big club.

        You build from the goal out, as Dean has said.Well, time is long gone past the five year plan and we may just now start drafting talented forwards in the first round, oh wait, we don’t have that pick, we have I’m out of shape and on the doughty donut diet Dustin Penner who disappeared the day Kopitar went down.

        Not in the least bombing you Dominick, nor anyone else here, I do believe in another city, despite building up our farm system Lombardi and even with his winning ways, Terry Murray would be long gone (I compare him to the now departed Mark Crawford, and the soon to be management of the Sharks). Let’s see what is done in the offseason. I still wonder why Gretz has been around LA so much in the past few months.

        • That 1rst for Penner was important at the time (as far as giving it up goes). At the time, DL had to make a move for the best forward at left wing available. Penner was considered that forward, at that time, by most Pundits, analysts, and fans. No one new it wouldn’t work out. It’s hard for me to critisize him for making a move that most said he was to chicken to make in the first place. Kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

          Your right about DL concentrating to much on first round defenseman, instead of forwards who can score. Hickey is a prime example, and left a lot of people scratching their heads on that one. He might pan out later, but considering our needs now (which is part of his job at the draft, to figure it out ahead of time), I’d say we’re over stocked on defenseman.

          On Lewis, at the draft, he was projected as a scorer with strong defensive instincts. DL has made some other round picks though, who look pretty good. The scoring talent (I personally) see has been there, just not developed properly.


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