…and I cannot say no to Puck Daddy.

Here it is. 2010-2011 San Jose Sharks Eulogy.

Enjoy. Please comment on Puck Daddy your thoughts on the eulogy.


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  1. Nice write up Scribe.

    It always surprises me how sensitive people can be. I always get a kick out of that.

  2. Your article on yahoo was pretty pathetic. You sound jealous and bitter. Sharks franchise is already more successful than the Kings, and my bet is that they will continue to be.

    You are trying way too hard to act like you are smart and like you are a good writer. Maybe one day you will move on from your embarrassing blog…. one day….

    • One of my favorite things about writing is when you use words people don’t understand, or have a sentence structure beyond that used on twitter and inevitably people call it bad writing.

      Smugness be imbued to those who baffle the feeble just as golf has been enforced on those who swim in the tank.

    • People who look through keyholes are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped. When you reach for perspective, you hold wisdom.

      The first, a favorite, borrowed. The second, my personal gift for your unready mind.

      • Sounds like you two are still angry at the Sharks for a legendary comeback in round 1. The truth hurts fellas!

  3. Good stuff.. and I hope I will read in the near future another relating to the Nuckleheads..
    Some good Hockey in the East.. I think that should have been the Finals myself.. oh well
    the bitter pill we swallow in the West..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • I second that. Reading a Canuck article similar to this will make this season ending bearable.

      By the way, nice eulogy :)!

  4. A tip of the dead shark head to you good sirs. Great eulogy.

  5. … I have a hard time with articles like this. Granted, they’re written for a laugh and I understand the nature of the Puck Daddy site. Still, the perspective of a Kings’ fan making fun of the Sharks’ lack of postseason success is something I’m very uncomfortable with. It’s like someone in remedial basket weaving lampooning someone who just didn’t happen to finish first in his class at Harvard Law. Not saying it’s wrong, mind you … just saying I don’t like it.

    There are several teams around the league whom I respect, and the Sharks – for what they showed Luc Robitaille at the end of his career – will always have that going for them in my mind. I like the core of that team. I like Thornton, and Marleau, and Boyle, and Pavelski. Clowe is the kind of guy you hate going up against, but love having on your side. I think they realized more than anyone that the window of opportunity is nearly closed, and they did respond well. They knocked off the team they were expected to beat in the first round, and they struggled but defeated a perennial contender in the second. It took the best team in hockey to knock the Sharks out; nothing to be ashamed of, if you ask me.

    • I think everyone on this site will tell you in one form or another the Sharks are a good team. We appreciate the success they have had in the past couple years……But if you read Puck’s opening paragraph it’s a fun, humorous, ROAST. It’s suppose to be edgy and insulting and most importantly, entertaining. Every team but one will be insulted.

    • Agree. In fact, before the series, I wrote an article very complimentary of the Sharks and acknowledged what they did for Luc and how much we appreciated it. The Sharks are, in some respect, kindred blood and we both have a hatred for Anaheim. But, I was asked to wrote a roast…and it sounded too fun to say no :)

  6. Bravo….ah the pen (or shall we say keyboard) is a great instrument when used properly! These types of writings are meant to be FUN to read…and I give it two thumbs up!


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