I don’t want to be accused of not doing my part to find a name for the new Winnipeg NHL franchise. So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with these off the top of my head. If you have any others, please share.

Given the City’s very high crime rate, The Manitoba Murderers.

In case you don’t know what “Winnipeg” actually means, The Manitoba Muddy Waters. I can see a whole Blues theme that would put St. Louis to shame.

Knowing the Winnipeggers’ state of mind for the past 15 + years, The Winnipeg Bettman Sucks We Love You Bettmans

A little unusual but very catchy, the Manitoba Surly & Scribes.

In light of the climate, The Winnipeg Windchill

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve only met one guy from Winnipeg, and that guy was a crack smokin, Dueche. The Winnipeg Duechebags.

    Or how bout The Manitoba Mullets.

    If I was serious, I’d call them the Winnipeg IceCats. The logo would be a cat in a defensive posture, with it’s ears folded back, claws showing, and shards of ice for hair.

  2. Jest call them the Peg People…

    Or, the Winnipeg Popes, because it would take a Papal Decree to get another NHL franchise if this one fails…

  3. The Winnipeg Eh’s

  4. Great question!

    Sorry to be late with this. They finally let me out tonight…

    Winnipeg Wank (mascot = hockey glove with fingers cut off)

    Winnipeg Weenies (mascot = frankfurter wearing fake moose antlers, snuggled happily between a pair a fishnet-clad “buns”)

    Winnipeg Whirlygig (mascot = moose in diapers, aggressively blowing at pinwheel made of hockey stick blades)

    Winnipeg Wedgies (mascot = letter W fashioned to look like moose buttocks split up the middle by a jock strap)

    Winnipeg Whiz (mascot = moose with smug expression, standing in puddle of yellow snow)

    Winnipeg Woebegotten (mascot = anthropomorphic infantile cretin in diapers, wearing fake moose antlers and brandishing a hockey stick as if to threaten all of creation)

    Winnipeg Wets (mascot = pair of moose antlers, not-so-subtly designed to resemble a candelabra of branching phalluses (phalli?) alluding to the letter W, the tips of each branch dripping into a sparkling stalactite of opalescent iridescence.)

    Winnipeg Wough Widers (mascot = Elmer Fudd in hunting attire, intently trying to hump Droopy, who sports a nice set of fake moose antlers)

    Winnipeg What The F*** (mascot = studly, well endowed moose, missing a few front teeth, with several garter belts and “thong” panties dangling from it antlers, passed out atop a zamboni being driven by a perky horde of Canadian school girls dressed in RCMP uniforms)

    That’s all for now, folks.

  5. Winnipeg Whiners …….( mascot = Simple Jack as an infant, throwing a tantrum, on top of a road killed Atlanta Thrasher, holding a pacifier in the likeness of Gary Bettman’s tiny frank and beans in one hand, and a lump of it’s own excrement in the other, wearing a sweater with 2 male loons mating cut off mid drift style, and on top of it’s oversized head…..a truckers cap, showing Ryan Getzlaf’s face, and a “You’re Next” caption above)


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