The best way to get Roberto Luongo (hereinafter Ro8erto) off his game is to get the puck between his ears. 8 between the pipes is nice. 5 between the ears is a game changer because that’s where he is weakest. That’s where he becomes exposed. A victory certainly gets the Boston Bruins back into this series but an ass kicking of this magnitude reverberates. The Bruins are in Ro8erto’s head. It was apparent after the third goal (which is when I yelled for 6!). It was evident in Ro8erto’s body language, playing even deeper in the net than he typically does, giving up rebounds of the juicy kind and struggling with simple shots that he saw. If history is any indicator, Ro8erto Luongo has a penchant for carrying his baggage through an entire series. Boston will count on that, as well as Vancouver repeating tonight’s timely defensive collapses around their own net.

So, we now get to see who Ro8erto is, what he is made of and whether his skill set matches his fortitude.

For what it’s worth, I don’t hate Luongo. Ro8erto is a good goaltender. His numbers speak to that. His record demonstrates it. But he has developed a well earned reputation as a diver and, for that, he loses integrity and the intangibles that make Tim Thomas who he is. We are nothing in this life if we don’t carry ourselves with rectitude in everything that we do.

The Stanley Cup Finals just got fun again.