They create a perfect storm of fun speculation about the LA Kings.

The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired the rights to Ilya Bryzgalov. Paul Holmgren traded a third-round draft pick in 2012, along with the rights to minor-league enforcer Matt Clackson to the Phoenix Coyotes. A good trade if they can land Ilya, of whom I am a fan. The Flyers with Bryzgalov would be a force in the East and catapulted to serious Stanley Cup contenders, even without Chris Pronger.

Of course, how do the Flyers manage to fit in this coveted unrestricted free agent’s salary needs? He made $4.5 million dollars last season. He is looking for a raise and long term contract. Assuming he wants $5 million +, that means the Flyers have to lose at least that same amount to sign Bryzgalov…where, oh where, can we find that salary? What is that you say? Jeff Carter has a cap hit of $5.3 million? A stud of a second line center that would fit quite nicely on the Kings if they can also shed some salary? We have danced this dance before

That was fact.

Here is a rumor that is gaining legs.

The New Jersey Devils are interested in Ales Hemsky and the return would be New Jersey’s 4th overall pick. Some report the deal is close to being done. Others claim the rights to negotiate with Hemsky have already been traded. Whoa! When I first read this, my head spun. Hemsky, assuming he stays healthy, is a nice partner for Ilya Kovalchuk. However, he won’t be cheap. Hemsky is not an unrestricted free agent. He has one year left on his contract at $4.1 million. You may know that the Devils are likely taking Zach Parise to arbitration. Parise has said on the record that he would not be “thrilled” about that. The writing may be on the wall. When Jeff Vanderbeek forced Lou Lamoriello to sign Ilya Kovalchuck to that obscene salary, he handcuffed the Devils’ crafty GM with their other star winger. With the addition of Hemsky, the odds of Zach’s departure is greatly increased.

A lot could still happen. Holmgren and Lamoriello have earned their reputations and can pull a rabbit out of a hat when necessary. Of course, as an LA Kings’ fan, I keep dreaming about one Jeff Carter as our second line center or one Zach Parise as our first line left wing…hey, a boy can dream.

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  1. In a world with no salary cap, these things would be terrific.

  2. Lokti & Bernier for Parise…..cheap and Russian for Kovalchoke, Cheap replacement for Brodeur

    Moller & Voynov for Carter….Moller will be surrounded by an ensemble of scoring wingers, Voynov can thrive and learn from guys like Timo & Pronger, instead of bolting to the KHL. Inexpensive investment.

    I would of liked to have seen Voynov take Jack Johnson’s place, but Jack’s too expensive to move to NJ or Phily……Delaurlier may be a stud, and Muzzin is going to fit where ever we need him. We may have to through in Hickey, but that may require something else coming our way too…..

  3. WAIT………F**K That…….

    Keep Voynov
    Fire Terry Murray
    Trade Jack Johnson to Phoenix for Dave Tippett

    Try to pry Carter away from Phily with Moller & Hickey, any one of our undersized forwards and naked pictures of our Ice Crew……

    • How bout? Keep everybody, trade for no one, and go for Parise next year with 10 mill in extra capspace to outbid any team who dares take our coveted superstar away from us? Murray is optional of course. :)

    • Ice girls? better let me see the pictures first.

  4. Love your dreams :)
    I too think Bryzgalov is a Good goalie.With him no longer with Phoenix games for the Kings should be easier.

  5. Wait whats this about Hemsky to the devils?

  6. They create a perfect storm of fun speculation about the LA Kings.

    … The only thoughts I have aren’t fueled by speculation; they’re more along the lines of “This is the Kings, after all. This is Dean Lombardi, after all. Jim Fox said it best: “Nothin’ happenin'”.

  7. You said the devils are interested in Hemsky is this true?

    • There are rumors abound that the Devils have gotten permission (unclear if they have done so through compensation to the Oilers) to speak with Hemsky about a trade. The rumored value is the Devils’ 4th overall pick. We normally stay away from “rumors” but this is coming from a reliable source. Doesn’t mean it will happen but I found it interesting because of the impact on the Parise situation


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