Regarding Roberto Luongo…

“Luongo will be fine. We trust him and his ability.”

- Alain Vigneault

As for Tim Thomas…


- Charlie Sheen

JT Dutch told you the series may be the Tale of Two Goaltenders. I think he nailed it.

Games 1 and 2, Luongo was on. Thomas’ detractors claimed him too aggressive and pointed to Burrows’ overtime goal in game two as exhibit A.

The tide turned from the puck’s drop in game 3. Tim Thomas defined the moments. Robert Luongo defined something else. Though his teammates forgot to play defense, especially around his crease in game 3, anytime a goaltender gives up 8 goals he managed to go through an entire game without a big save and let in some bad goals. Cut the GAA in half, same inability to save big.

So, the coveted Stanley Cup comes down to 3 games, 2 of those in Vancouver. The streaky Roberto Luongo is on the wrong end of one right now. The resilient Tim Thomas is ten feet tall and bullet proof. Has the tide turned for good? Was the Nathan Horton hit the karmic catalyst to it all? Will it turn again? I love this game.