Like a 15-year-old sophomore with a C – average delivering his assigned report but still…who knew…have a beer handy before you leap into this link and, by all means, post your comments there.

Corey Perry cuddles with LA Times

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  1. Perry is a HUGE fan of the greasy areas

  2. In answer to your original ‘question/statement’. No, he cannot.. Not very well at least!

  3. I thought his comments were pretty good for a spectator. He is how ever a professional (and a top one at that) currently playing in the league, which gives him a more educated perspective.

    I would have liked to have seen him give a more intelligent break down, and analysis of what he see’s from his point of view. I could of broke it down better, and I’m nowhere near, or have ever been the hockey player he is. It is just a fluff peice though, and not anything that’s meant to have any substance. Just the Times trying to generate local traffic.

    Why th LA Times did this with Anahiem players, and not LA players may be their trying to concentrate on being more relevant outside their local area. Anything to promote the game isn’t all bad.

  4. The writing is mediocre, but that picture is impressive – looks like Perry is being violated with a goalie stick

  5. Promoting hockey, I agree…promoting Anaheim, not so much ;)


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