First, Corey Perry’s sophomoric breakdown of the Cup Finals.

Then, the only Anaheim Duck player I can tolerate, Bobby Ryan, does one…for the L.A. Times…as a “guest blogger”.

First, let’s be clear on the word “guest”. A guest is invited. Hence, Helene Elliott, whom I like and respect, invited Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan into her domain to, of all the insanity, write. If fish and guests stink after three days, I can only imagine the stench these two have and will leave behind.

Did the O.C. Register stop covering Anaheim puck? Has there been a coup at the L.A. Times? In the words of Stu Price, “what the f*** is going on!?”

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  1. This makes me want to neither like nor respect Helene…if she’s the one doing the inviting….

  2. She probably just can’t get any of the Kings because they’re actually training… Except for Penner, he’s too busy easy… And Doughty is too hungover… But at least Schenn said that he’s doing that same camp that Stamkos did last year, he tweeted that on the first day he couldn’t feel his legs. He really wants to stick.

  3. I don’t always agree with her, but I respect her for speaking her mind, and having an opinion. If a pundit has an agenda, and sticks to their guns, I will respect it, even if I don’t see eye to eye with them. Scribe is often labled as a hater, but he sticks to his guns, because he has a point. Right or wrong, he takes a stand. better than caving in to popular opinion, and kissing ass.

    sometimes popular opinion is right, but there are times when it goes against what you believe in, and that’s when you see someones true colors.

    I don’t read everything she writes, but I do read her stuff, and find her stuff at times different from my views, but still interesting all the same. I don’t always agree with Sribe and Surly, but I like that they speak their minds and sticks to their guns (not so much Surly lately ;) ).

    • Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Don’t worry Dom…. When I return, it will be with a vengeance.

    • The only thing in this world I “hate” is dishonesty. I don’t hate Murray. I actually believe (and have written quite often) he gets great credit for our defense. But, his offense is one no other playoff team plays while, in fact, the elite teams look eerily familiar on offense within their “system”.

  4. Dominick makes good points…again. You are good for this blog.
    Although I sometimes agree with Elliott, seeing it in writing does cause discomfort as I try to stay positive for my Beloved Kings.
    B.Ryan gets a little slack as he is good friends and out of respect for our Captain.

  5. Parros had a guest spot too. There are Ducks in my L.A. Times and I am….disturbed.


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