Videos are coming in a hurry. More will be added as I get them. This is sad and fascinating. Does it make a loud statement about their fan base? Boys, the second video may hurt…

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  1. This kind of makes sense. Vancouver fans spent the whole season whining despite all their successes. This was their last and only chance to celebrate so they took it.

    Hey JT, what was that about Vancouver not being an embarrassment to the rest of Canada?

    • … Well hello there, Jacob. I still think Vancouver is an awesome city. Sorry to disappoint you. A few bad apples aren’t going to spoil the entire bunch, in my mind.

      And the REAL Canucks’ fans, the diehards and the longtimers, were excellent this season – as they usually are. It’s too bad you choose not to acknowledge them, and focused on the bandwagoners instead.

  2. Uuuuggggllllyyyyy! It’s never justice to see hooligans use an event such as this as a way to blow off steam. Even those who stood and protested against the people doing the looting, and causing destruction, are being judged by the rest of the hockey world for the actions of a few tousand. Ugly, and unfortunate that it has come to this.

  3. Great!!!!!! And to think there’s a New team in Canada, way to go Mr. Bettman


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