We finally get the answer to the question, “when is Deadmarsh coming back?”

Good to see Deader back in hockey.

Deadmarsh named Avalanche Assistant Coach.

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  1. Great News for Deader…..

    Side note….Crawfish replaced as Stars head coach

  2. Deadmarsh is the single biggest reason I started watching the Kings on a regular basis. I was/am saddened he had to leave the game so early. What a competitor! Glad he’s somewhat getting his health and life back.

  3. Hey, boys, isn’t time to start talking about the draft? The one thing I really like about the die-hards is they know everything about the up and comers. I don’t get to see these young chaps play, so hearing about them from knowledgeable people is fun/exciting for me.

    • @Kingnation13: I think you’ll hear much less about the draft, from a Kings perspective, as they don’t have a first round pick this year (it was traded as part of the Penner deal). I have a feeling the Kings chatter this summer will center more on things like re-signing RFAs (Doughty, Simmonds, Lewis, Richardson), a possible big name UFA signing (ie. Brad Richards) no matter how unlikely, and which prospects will make the team out of training camp.

      • I think you are very correct.

        If anyone can provide interesting info on the. Upcoming players the Kings could draft in the 2nd round, then it would be guest writer here Guy Dulcet. We’ll try to coax an article or two out of him about the draft.

        While the Kings don’t have a pick for the first day of the draft, I still won’t be shocked if Lombardi does some wheeling and dealing on June 24th.

  4. Would’ve been a great hire for the Kings. : -/


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