I won’t tell you I told you so because I didn’t. I merely wrote on June 13:

LA Kings’ left wing, Ryan Smyth is entering his last season with the team. He is respected, loved, has proven himself a mentor and a valuable contributor on and off the ice. With all of those accolades, the Kings have to find a way to trade him if they want to have any shot of improving their roster through free agency. His $6.25 million dollar cap hit is a leash around Dean Lombardi’s neck that will keep our GM from making any significant acquisitions.

And then…

If Lombardi is not seriously considering trading him to the Oilers for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th round pick, or another Canadian team, I would be down right shocked. There is that pesky no movement clause.

If I know Dean, he sees that contract as the greatest obstacle he has to improve the on ice product.

If I know Dean, he knows he has to make a move.

Here is the Ryan Smyth Article from June 13.

Now, the very respected Bob McKenzie is telling you so. Kind of.  Checks out the article Ryan Smyth Tells Kings He’s Prefer to Rejoin Oilers. That is it. He would “prefer.” Prefer against, let’s say the LA Kings asking him if he would consider retirement? I didn’t say that, write that, and you never heard it here. Regarding the return to Oilers’ country, that shouldn’t shock you, right? He is Captain Canada after all and the Oilers are the team with whom he started his NHL career.

The boys at Puck Daddy also agree with us.

But, if you attach no significant to Smyth’s statement about his preference and don’t realize it has followed discussions with the LA Kings about retirement and/or trade, then you are simply being naive. Bob McKenzie’s article is neither coincidence or just a nothing article without foundation…and neither was ours. GO KINGS!