I won’t tell you I told you so because I didn’t. I merely wrote on June 13:

LA Kings’ left wing, Ryan Smyth is entering his last season with the team. He is respected, loved, has proven himself a mentor and a valuable contributor on and off the ice. With all of those accolades, the Kings have to find a way to trade him if they want to have any shot of improving their roster through free agency. His $6.25 million dollar cap hit is a leash around Dean Lombardi’s neck that will keep our GM from making any significant acquisitions.

And then…

If Lombardi is not seriously considering trading him to the Oilers for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th round pick, or another Canadian team, I would be down right shocked. There is that pesky no movement clause.

If I know Dean, he sees that contract as the greatest obstacle he has to improve the on ice product.

If I know Dean, he knows he has to make a move.

Here is the Ryan Smyth Article from June 13.

Now, the very respected Bob McKenzie is telling you so. Kind of.  Checks out the article Ryan Smyth Tells Kings He’s Prefer to Rejoin Oilers. That is it. He would “prefer.” Prefer against, let’s say the LA Kings asking him if he would consider retirement? I didn’t say that, write that, and you never heard it here. Regarding the return to Oilers’ country, that shouldn’t shock you, right? He is Captain Canada after all and the Oilers are the team with whom he started his NHL career.

The boys at Puck Daddy also agree with us.

But, if you attach no significant to Smyth’s statement about his preference and don’t realize it has followed discussions with the LA Kings about retirement and/or trade, then you are simply being naive. Bob McKenzie’s article is neither coincidence or just a nothing article without foundation…and neither was ours. GO KINGS!

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  1. http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/Ryan+Smyth+denies+asked+traded+back+Oilers/4977570/story.html
    “Holy cow … that’s the first I’ve heard of that,” Smyth said in an interview

    I think that one reporter asked, If you were going to be traded would you go back to the Oilers” and Smyth responded, “If I were to be traded I think I would prefer the Oilers over some teams”

    This means nothing until it happens.

    • Bob McKenzie does not exaggerate. He has tremendous credibility. He has also been asked about the story and he stands 100% by it. The facts are exactly as Bob reported them and as we did a week ago.

      • Helene agrees with you
        Also I saw a quote that DL admits that discussions of some nature have happened.

        I will concede and suggest a trade might happen at the draft. Maybe the Oilers give the Kings back the 19th pick. Hey it could happen. Then Penner would have cost us only Teubert and a third and Smyth. Ok maybe I had too much of the purple stuff.

        Hopefully it was “I prefer the Oilers but you can talk to other teams as well.” so the Kings don’t have to take a 7th round pick because they have no options.

  2. Doughty’s deal must be higher than most have guessed. Moving Smyth with no one to replace him is dangerous. Richards is a long shot to play out west and isn’t available until July 1st.

    Dean must have had some talks with a team back east about a possible trade. Smyth is still a top six forward for the Kings.

    Zad, if Smyth is moved, do you see Handzus being re-signed for veteran leadership?

    • I don’t see Handzus resigned absent a tremendous discount. We are talking $1.5 – $2.0 range, 1 year. I think it is more likely Poni gets signed but even that will come with the price issues. I do know this – there is a perceived need for elite talent that must be added before next season. A trade or signing will happen. I have some ideas of who the Kings may be interested in but that discussion is premature.

  3. I have to admit, I am a little miffed that McKenzie says he did, and Smyth says he didn’t. Even trying to break down technically (which shouldn’t even be required) what they did say is confusing. No reason for it at all.

    In a perfect world, it would be nice to move Smyth so that we can gain valuable capspace under the cap ceiling, while at the same time, giving Edmonton the capspace needed to get to the floor of minimum operating capspace, but it’s probably more complicated then it seems.

    I hope it isn’t.

  4. I love Smyth and what he did for the Kings, but I’m right there with Bobby we need him off the books…maybe Richards won’t come but Brooks Laich woud look good in a Kings uniform, a very DL like player, combined with our young guys coming up plus if Penner plays to his conract needs were looking very good, plus our cap space opens up like crazy after this season. But look at this line up…
    Assuming this is our line-up with our defeinse and Doughty being re-signed, we are a rugged team wiith a lot of upside

  5. Entering the world of rumor mongering? It’s a slipperly slope…

    #RyanSmyth trade may come sooner than expected. I don’t have full details yet. The word is imminent. That is all I know. #LAKINGS.
    about 1 hour ago via web

    • Not a rumor. That is factual. I don’t do rumors, ever. Remember you got the deslauriers signing 3 days before anyone else? Richardson 2 days before anyone? I only post the ones confirmed. Still, doesn’t mean a deal is 100 percent. Far from it and I made that clear as well. I also only post 5 percent of what I hear, for my own reasons

      • Not only does Scribe and Surly not publish rumors, neither does Hammond. Something has to be going on….

        Draft is in 3 days and still no talk of the prospects. I know we don’t have a first round pick but I’d still like to hear about the kids who will make a difference in the NHL a few years down the road. Give me some input, somebody, anybody, please give me some info. :)

  6. this Always is too hard!
    I have come to love Smitty.
    The type of player all should aspire to be.
    Want what makes Him happy.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. I agree with you there. I do love Smitty, but would feel relieved if we could have his space back, currently occupying the cap. It would be a shame to have him go his entire career, and never win a cup, but there’s no gaurentee that if he stays with us he will anyways. I think he would be doing the Kings a solid, more than the Kings would be doing one for him, because he surely would be well aware of the state of both franchises, and what he would be allowing us to do, if he left.

    If this all happens, and the Kings could get a Richards type of player out of it, and maybe even win a cup, his decision could easily be classified as a major contribution, or at least a turning point in this franchises status.


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