When you first trade for a player, only one thing matters…. Youtube videos!

Turn the volume down on this one…

Maybe you’ll remember this one…

And the longer version of that splendid goal:

Next up: A farewell well to Simmonds and Schenn.

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  1. Thanks for the post Surly! It’s officially safe to say I love this dude!! Now Give me his number,so I can buy the damd Jersey already! lol ;)

  2. Nice job Surly. In just a few hours the Kings gave me enough reason to be anxious for the rest of the damn summer. Europe is starting to look more like a bad idea too, because now we’re going to be delayed to start the season from seeing the house the Kings have built. DL was talking about having the Kings make their way back from Europe by playing games on the way back to acclimate the Kings slowly to the time zones and avoid jet lag, and a tired team.

    Stuff like that just makes me want to see them as sooner, but It’s still nice to see.

    • While I also would love to see the Kings sooner than later, look at it this way. road trips are bonding experiences. If zues, Poni, Simmonds AND Smyth are gone, a kid or two breaks on to the team, Richards and one or two possible trade pieces or free agents join the team, then That is a very different makeup of the team, even if the core is in tact. A very long distance trip with everyone out of place and far from home offers a really good opportunity for this new group to get to know eachother right off the bat.

  3. Nice!…. By the way,,after harassing the two of you about the draft, never mind, I don’t care anymore. Richards is all I need. :)


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