Mike Richards.

Mike Richards?


The 26 year old, Philadelphia Flyers’ captain, one mother of a talent, Mike Richards?

CENTER, Mike Richards?

Color me excited.

Losing Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds hurts but, let’s be blunt. The LA Kings need a second line center badly, more so than a left wing. It is foolhardy to assume Brayden can jump in and fill that role this season. Brayden’s highest ceiling is Mike Richards. Losing Wayne Simmonds (which may annoy Drew) is the only part of this trade that made we wince, but after we signed Kyle Clifford and watched him play, a certain long time Kings’ fan and I commented that Kyle may have just made Wayne expendable.

We also gave up a second round pick in 2012.

This is a big time move from Dean Lombardi and I am impressed.

No deal is perfect of course and we will have a detailed breakdown for you.


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  1. I was looking forward to seeing schenn develop as a king

  2. I won’t miss Simmonds little frogger hops one damn bit! I had hopes for Schenn though….but I’ll take Richards!!!

  3. Mike Richards is a great player and can contribute RIGHT NOW. Great move. If they can dump Smyth’s contract it leaves them some more room….

  4. WOW! I still can’t get my bearings. Just in shock right now.

  5. Let’s agree on one thing… Mike Richards will show the Kings how to play with HEART!

  6. WoW….pick me up off the floor….they made a good move!!!!

  7. I am ok with this. I like Mike’s game and his attributes. He will fill the 2nd line center position nicely.

    Zues is surely gone now.

    Kopitar, Richards, Stoll and Richie-Lewis is pretty damn strong down the middle. I like it!

    I love Simmonds, but something happened last year that affected, him. Guys like Simmonds don’t lose their game mentally and that’s what happened. He didn’t lose his skill, he lost his desire/motivation and that’s what his skill-set is based on. He will be a good player for Philly. Don’t be surprised when he takes two steps forward next year. I will be rooting for you, son.

    Schenn, I really have no thought on. I don’t put much into potential….it’s overrated. Schenn will have to become a pretty good player to match Richards level. I’m not saying he won’t, he might even become a better player, you just don’t know. Richards puts us where we need to be now and considering he’s only 26, he’ll be around for a long while. I like the trade.

    I’m one who believes Parse is going to be a solid player for us. So, I’m looking at Penner, Parse and Clifford (assuming Smyth is gone). Obviously Parse is the key on how strong the LW position will be. I couldn’t stand Penner this past year, but I’m convinced with a little time he will become a productive part of our team…..a good player, in fact. If you can’t succeed with Kopi and Williams, you have problems. I’m not worried about Penner.

    So the question becomes who fills out the RW position? Is DL done? Does he have more moves up his tie? Moller?….wait, he’s gone. Richardson? Clifford-Stoll-Richardson? I like the looks of that.

    For some reason, giving up the second round pick is annoying me. Not a lot, just a little…

    Welcome, Mike. We will be expecting a lot from you young, man!

  8. … That figures. An overrated player acquired by an overrated GM.

    Honestly, I don’t want to hear any more shit about “building from within”, or “have patience”, “doing things the right way”, any of it. When push comes to shove, this guy’s like all of the past Kings’ GMs. Blow up the future to get overrated guys who have less of a future. From now on, I don’t want to hear it.

    Brayden’s highest ceiling is Mike Richards.

    … How do you know this? Or, are you making this up?

    Where was Mike Richards at 20 years of age? He was in his rookie season with the Flyers, scoring 34 points in 79 games. Don’t you think Schenn’s capable of that this season? I do.

    Richards, age 18 to age 19: 147 points in 101 games in the OHL, +30
    Schenn, age 18 to age 19: 152 points in 86 games in the WHL, +59

    And yet – Richards was worth Schenn AND Simmonds??? AND a 2nd? Sorry, the Kings got taken to the cleaners yet again.

    Losing Wayne Simmonds (which may annoy Drew) is the only part of this trade that made we wince, but after we signed Kyle Clifford and watched him play, a certain long time Kings’ fan and I commented that Kyle may have just made Wayne expendable.

    … Simmonds is a better player than Clifford right now, he was clearly better in the regular season and arguably better in the playoffs. But that isn’t even the point. They were two guys who could have complemented one another; two guys who helped form a really good and dynamic line in the playoffs. There was something special there that, with some more seasoning under their belts, would have been even more special. Now, we’ll never know what they were capable of, and that’s a shame. And for WHAT?

    • It’s called an opinion, not fact. My opinion is that Schenn’s ceiling is Richards although one thing that is very different between Schenn and Richards is skating. I have seen Richards skate. I have seen Schenn skate. Schenn’s skating is average. Richards is an exceptional skater. I see in Richards a 26 year old captain of a contender who can finish. Schenn may prove to be a finisher as well. I see in Richards a player who plays a solid 2 way game. Schenn may prove to be a solid 2 way center. I see in Richards a player who isn’t afraid to throw his weight around, can hit and can play the gritty game. Schenn may prove to be able to do all of those things as well. I see a player in Richards that has proven his elite status in the league. Schenn is a prospect with potential in a position we are very deep with “potential.” Richards “is”. Schenn “may be”

      As for Simmonds, he suffered offensively because of where Terry Murray played him. I think Simmonds can be a good player for Philly. But, in my opinion (and try to separate that from fact), Clifford makes Simmonds expendable to the point where Dean can take a risk and acquire a talent like Richards.

      Our biggest weakness on this team was a 2nd line center. We just filled it nicely, with a manageable cap hit and with a young player who is entering (not past) his prime.

    • Overrated player? Mike Richards is considered a great player. That is his rating. Great. His results? Also great.

      I knew you would have a negative reaction to this in part because Simmonds is your favorite player of all time (I exaggerate, but only a little), but you really couldn’t find one positive thing to say? You dislike this trade THAT much? If this doesn’t make the Kings a better team, then I have to earnestly ask, what does?

    • Overrated is a little harsh. He’s also considered a leader on a team that had a lot of quality NHL’ers, and he could easily be considered a #1 center on any team in the league. The Kings will use him as a second behind Kopi, so the depth is undeniable.

      I do see your point though about abandoning the plan, which has historically lead to the eventual firing of every single GM the Kings have ever had since the beginning of this franchise, and there’s no gaurentee that doing it again will end up any different.

      This would classify as one of those key momments in Kings history, because this will define DL’s time here. Has it all been for nothing, or are we truly ready to take that leap?

    • Simmonds is severely handicapped by his lack of skill. He skates like a spastic monkey, and has bricks for hands. There’s only so far hard work will take you, and he’s pretty close to his limit unless he works on his individual skills big time.

      Clifford is a good skater, and has decent hands. He will gain more confidence with more playing time, imo, which will allow him to display his skills better. I see him ultimately becoming a better player than Simmer.

      And Richie was really the glue on that one line during the playoffs. Without him, the rest of the line ain’t clicking like it did.

      I don’t know what Schenn’s potential is. This part of the trade could go either way for me. But I don’t fault DL for taking this shot now with someone who has shown he can be a big-time player in the league. I think you’d have to be playing scared to not make this trade because there’s a CHANCE Schenn could be the next coming.

      The Kings didn’t get taken to the cleaners, and honestly, I’d be pretty upset if I were a Flyer fan. The moves today don’t support the direction the team was headed. It seems like they are postponing their title hopes for a couple of years at the least.

  9. You are overreacting JT, this trade made us a contender, it’s time to contend, no more waiting on 18 year olds.

  10. Just got home from work and saw TSN post that Richards was traded but it didn’t say who picked him up on the main title. I thought to myself, that would be nice if we got him.

    I like this trade though I know people are going to be sore about losing Schenn, but we get a top player!


  11. Richards was the kind of player when, we or another team played against the Flyers, I would dream…..I wish we had a guy like that…….He’s got more Character than our whole core!!!!!!

    Brad who????? We got the Richards

    Schenn….I now have to get past waiting and wanting to see you develope into a great NHL centerman, and hoping you were going to be OUR Mike Richards!!!!!! But now the pressure is greater than it was here. In Philly they have to play without Carter and Richards, they are used to winning, and may see you as the Better be, rather than the gonna be. If you’re ready for the pressure and can thrive in it, then, You may become greater than I ever hoped.

    Simmonds…..You appeared to have been frustrated by the Coach Murray offense, now you get your chance for 20 goals a season, in a system that gives you that chance. I will miss your grit, your awkward gallop, and YOU sticking up for your teammates. They will love you in Philly, but not if they expect Richards / Carter numbers. I hope they appreciate what you bring, I will miss you 17.

  12. Next year I must remember to book NOTHING ELSE least I miss something.. this time of year
    things go Crazy!
    Nightrain!!! oh boy that is a Hard blow.. yes last year wasn’t his best.. but you all know Sims
    is a gritty gutsy good teamate.. He will be missed Big Time.. I think and hope he goes on to develop into a Memorabel player.. hurts my hear this! Schenn.. Talent I hope does not come
    back to bite us. I do not let go well :)
    Cliffy.. maybe that is a good point.. he was SO MUCH FUN to watch last year.. I eagerly
    wait to see what he can acomplish next season..
    GOOD LUCK SIMMER.. This KING Fan will always support you!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  13. I alwaysmake my comments before reading the other posts.. as not to have any infulence on my thinking,,, I know I know.. I am NOT wishy washy.. but I am open to other viewpoints..makes me think and learn and grow. I do think with my heart.. female that I am,
    seeing the male point of view is good for me. That being said..KingNation.. yes maybe that is
    what happened to Simmer last year.. lost his mental edge.. and he is all about being an emotional player.. saw that with Doughts as well… maybe a good growing thing for both of
    them to be split up? I bet Sims does move forward and have a good year. As for our other guys.. Parse..if he comes back and shows what he did 2 seasons ago.. that flash and quck accurate hands.. that will be very cool! Penner.. I was so excited when we aquired him and so dissapointed in how he played! I hope he gets himself in shape this summer and sees what a great team he is on and shows us what he has.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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