Dean Lombardi finally spoke about the Ryan Smyth “soap opera.” It seems Ryan Smyth asked to be traded about 1 and 1/2 to 2 months ago and Lombardi then resigned himself to make the trade. Ryan wanted to go “home”, whether that means Canada or, more specifically, Alberta remains to be seen. Dean was surprised by the request. Dean is actively talking with 3 teams…that would be the Oilers, Flames and…the Winnipeggers? Nah. Maybe? Nah. Do I know something? Nah.

Most importantly, Dean expects the Smyth deal to be finalized in the next 48 hours. For those that follow us on Twitter (@kingsofhockey), we told you tweeted 2 days ago:

“Ryan Smyth trade may come sooner than expected. I don’t have full details yet. The word is imminent. That is all I know.”

Recall when the news first broke, Ryan Smyth denied asking for a trade. Why? To protect the team? Tsk, tsk. And what are these family reasons? I think Smyth has earned his privacy.

Stay tuned.

Should be an interesting road through the off-season.