A source close to us and who has a track record of 100% to date (let’s hope said source maintains his perfect record) has revealed the Ryan Smyth trade is a done deal. Expect it to be announced Saturday. Cannot disclose the details but it’s done. GO KINGS!

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  1. Great to hear. In Dean I Trust. Hopefully his spot is taken by a 20 goal scorer. GO KINGS!

  2. I’m thinking it’s CGY for a pick (say 3rd or 4th round this year) and Tanguay’s rights.

    Let’s hope everybody ends up happy….

  3. You’re dumb, Tanguay’s rights? Wow.

  4. Calgary has too many cap issues to add Ryan Smyths contract…this is just posturing unless LA takes back Hagman or Stajan

  5. Be absolutely hillarious if your source is McKenzie. LOL

    C’mon, you can tell us.

  6. I will never doubt your source again!

    Good luck, Smitty! You’re a class act.

  7. When Smytty left Edmonton it rained big time on the Messier jersey retirement that was happening later that night. If the deal is done, it’s with Edmonton and they are just making sure that Smyth returning home doesn’t steal the spotlight from the #1 draft pick. Mark it down!

  8. I wonder if Smyth has family in the ‘peg?

  9. VagabondJim – Edmonton has Calgary’s third round pick coincidentally…I have to agree with Stef on this one. Smyth to Edmonton for Brule and Calgary’s third round pick (possibly Cogliano, but i can’t see it being him).

    It would be Tamo’s style to not announce this type of trade until after the first round pick gets their moment in the spotlight.

    I say (hopefully) Welcome home Ryan!

  10. Hmmm.

    it would seem as though it is indeed the Oilers he’s been traded to – why would the Flames need to wait until tomorrow to announce the deal? The Oilers GM doesn’t want the “Smyth returns home” story to overshadow his team picking first later today.

    Seems likely anyways. You never know, maybe he will be part of the Flames.

  11. Well, not that I’m trying to make a big deal about it because I’m not, but it intrigues me why Smyth wants out of L.A. He has only a year left on his contract (concerning family) and the Kings seems likely to compete for the Pacific title. Why? I’m wondering if “Mr. Professional/Class Act” himself has conflict with coaching staff/philosophy. I don’t know if it matters anymore, but I’m still a bit curious….

    Thanks for the effort and commitment Mr. Smyth. You have always been one of my favorite hockey players.and you’ll continue to be. Best of luck to you, sir


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