That’s right. We’re not done. He is still calling…and he’s wearing me out BECAUSE I HAVEN’T GOTTEN ANYTHING DONE THE PAST 2 DAYS! I am not on the LA Kings’ payroll. I don’t get paid for this s***. Neither does Surly or, I am fairly certain, Quisp. As such, slow down Deano. Knock it off. Stop calling people. I know you want that winger but must you CALL SO QUICKLY to…well, I can’t say just in case it amounts to anything.

I am going to have a beer. I haven’t had one in a while and I have earned it. Screw Dean. I am having a beer.

The wife just showed me a picture of her long time good friend getting a kiss from Ryan Gosling…it’s been a strange week.

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  1. Ryan Malone, COME ON DOWN!!!

  2. I for one can’t wait to hear what (who) is coming next!

  3. Okay so what does Dean have in mind?

  4. Nice! Go get’em Deano!

    Do you know what a fan of competition I am?…..I watched the entire draft without our beloved team being a player. That my friends is a fan. :)

  5. Some one got drafted? ;) p.s. I always knew Bobby’s source was Dean Lombardi himself.

      • Shoot! I was 1/2 hoping it was Helene Elliott. LOL

        Dean! if your listening “screw Sribe” you haven’t had this much excitement during the offseason, with the Kings, ever. Make’m work Dean, they can drink their beer when the season starts.

  6. I have a feeling we are trading Brule for a pick and signing Gagne.

  7. I have a feeling DL wants to meet Bono and Brule only has to invite him to a U2 concert to secure a roster spot.


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