Please take this with the appropriate grain of salt. As you all should know, nothing is done until it is signed and approved.

The puck is on Ryan Smyth’s stick (I thought the expression, the ball is in his court sounded odd, given we are talking hockey). The deal has been worked out and only he can say yes or no at the end of the day (tomorrow). If you have ever signed off on a deal and gotten last-minute jitters, you can relate. If you have ever tried to get a deal closer to what you wanted (also at the last-minute), you can really relate. It’s basically between two teams. If you cannot guess the teams, well, then you’re a Ducks’ fan (read: stupid). We all know where Ryan wants to go but “want” is an interesting word when one demands a trade and limits the team’s options.

Regarding Doughty, it’s very close. The contract may also be a long one. But, most of us probably already guessed that.

There are other things in the works as well. Dean is not done, but, it is way too early to discuss those and we don’t do rumors around here.