So, now the banter back and forth about Ryan Smyth is Calgary is in play again and they’re close. This deal is dead to me. I have a scowl for Ryan Smyth for putting Dean Lombardi in this situation. I have a middle finger for Steve Tambellini. I officially have no idea what Jay Feaster is doing in Calgary after trading Regehr and then signing Tanguay to his deal. Regardless, I am shut down as it relates to Smyth. I just hope he doesn’t take too much more of our GM’s attention away from what matters – Doughty. Hurry up and sign the contract on the table, Drew.

Has anyone heard from Wayne Simmonds by the way? I haven’t read a single interview since the trade. Maybe he’s hiding in Doughty’s closet.

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  1. From Hammond:

    “It seems as though Wayne Simmonds has not yet been made available to Philadelphia reporters”

  2. Simmonds is still an RFA until they sign him, no? I’d love to see Dean draw up an offer sheet! That would be a mega-dick move, but…

  3. You should be Happy Bobby ..both deals done!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Like your thinking Vagabondjim!
    That would be Way cool!
    GO KINGS GO! !!!


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