So, the LA Kings have a deal worked out with the Oilers regarding Ryan Smyth. A 4th (or 5th) + Gilbert Brule’s salary before he is bought out. It hits a snag. Why? Because Steve Tambellini and the Oilers haven’t submitted the necessary paperwork to clear Brule so Lombardi can turn around and buy him out. Now, ask yourself this – why the hell does Brule even need to be in this deal? It’s not like the Oilers have to shed salary. They have $27 freaking million dollars in cap space. They are the 99 Cents Store of the NHL and need to get to the Cap floor. Is Tambellini being a prick? Does Surly want to bed Megan Fox? Yes…and yes.

It took me a few minutes but I figured it out. There are actually (and coincidentally) 10 reasons why Steve Tambellini is being a prick and some of them may surprise you:

10. Tambellini initially wanted as part of the Ryan Smyth deal to forever assign to him the label, “Captain Canada”.

9. He is still pissed off at the way the Kings discarded his no talent son.

8. Former member of the Vancouver Canucks. Once a prick…

7. Doesn’t understand why the Cap floor went up.

6. Needs to practice his “prick face”…

Tambellini Prick Face

5. Wife told him he’s not getting any until the Oilers make the playoffs.

4. He just shot a 102 at the Rancho Park Golf Course in LA…oh wait, that was Surly.

3. Still upset over this article.

2. F****** tired of answering the question, “When is Hemsky coming back?”

and the number 1 reason Steve Tambellini is being a prick…

1. Because it’s fun.