Hearing that Drew Doughty has signed a 5 year deal. Heard about it 30 minutes ago. Don’t have full details but I noticed Dennis Bernstein of the Fourth Period is also reporting a signing and he is specific to 5 years, 5.75 million dollar cap hit. Now Dennis Bernstein is saying that deal, 5 years, 5.75 million dollar cap hit is on the table. I still haven’t heard that the number yet but Dennis is pretty credible so give it due weight and obviously it can only be “on the table” as no signing has been confirmed.

If it is $5.75 million and 5 years, that means we got Drew #2. From our June 22 article:

Drew #2: The young, confident, laissez-faire, talent aware Drew, AKA “Smiling Drew”:

This Drew knows his talent level and places himself in the top echelon of players under age 25 in the league. He will admit that he could have had a better season, but believes the regression to be related to his injury early on, as evidenced by his performance in the second half. He believes he is an integral part of this team’s core, wants to remain a Los Angeles King and simply wants a contract that is commensurate with his talent and what he perceives to be his critical role on the team. This Drew’s contract demand is:

4-7 years, $5.7 million dollar per season cap hit.

Pretty good guess, eh boys?

This deal brings Doughty to the door steps of free agency by its term’s end with hopefully a couple of Stanley Cups in a LA Kings’ jersey along the way.


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  1. I said I’d never doubt you again. So this means I’m a very happy camper right now.

    GO KINGS!!!

  2. Sweet Fuzzy Jeebus I hope this is true! This would be a great deal. Who put what in Lombardi’s water and where can we get more??

  3. Post updated. Awfully quiet from Rich. July 1 is waaaaay to close for me. Get this done already

  4. Scary time. I don’t like all the talk and rumors about offer sheets for Stamkos and Doughty. The contract seems perfect, but also at the same time it is concerning that Drew and Kopitar will be UFA’s the same year, but I guess that’s 5 years away and you gotta do what you gotta do.

  5. Yes that is what I saw. Good to get it done. Hope Doughts is happy.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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