Dean Lombardi expects Ryan Smyth’s replacement to be mid-range. Now, if you take this statement on face value, that takes out any elite wingers or, for that matter, anyone over $4 million (my upper limit of mid-range). More likely than not, we are in the $2.5 to $3.5 range. That limits the options quite a bit from this available left wing UFA list.

That also means, if again you take Lombardi’s statements on face value, the team you see is the team you get minus a small addition.

Before you utter, “damn it”, I offer you a positive from all of this. A mid-range move gives us cap flexibility and allows us to make a move during the season as well as gives Kyle Clifford to earn his place alongside Richards and Brown on the second line for the most in your face, kick your ass, take your girlfriend line in the league…and isn’t that what everyone should want?


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  1. I’d crap myself against a line of Brown-Richards-Clifford and swiftly get off the ice… it’s a scary thought that.

  2. The question is would TM like that.

  3. If TM goes there. That does completely desolve our best line during the playoffs though (not that it wasn’t already). 3rd line is going to be helladifferent next season, that’s for sure. If you get your way, the only thing certain about the 3rd line, is that Stoll will be on it.

  4. Love our Cliffy!!
    I like the idea of the Kings being a self- made twam,
    for the mist part without having to ‘buy’ too many
    superstars. A ‘team’is what we have..and
    our’ team’ is a Winner.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. When has a lawyer ever told the truth? ;)

  6. I think we can sign gagne at 2 years for 7 million

    • His complete inability to stay healthy tells me Dean should pass. He is like Gaborik on a less talented scale.

      • I do agree maybe a 1 year deal at 3.5. Even if he only plays 50 games hes way better than what was poni to us last year. I say we look into Eric Cole too if they don’t re-up him or possibly trade for ryan Malone

      • His inability to stay healthy tells me that Dean will absolutely look into him lol…

  7. Seems perfect. It is rumored Jokinen is looking for $4 million. If he hits free agency, we could probably have him for somewhere in the $3 million range.


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